Ukrainian border guards pulled angry dogs on OSCE observers

In the Kherson region of Ukraine, the border guards of the same checkpoint several times lowered working dogs by observers Special monitoring mission (SMM) of the OSCE. Information about this incident, the experts brought in its weekly report that was published on the website of the organization.


The OSCE report States that the incident occurred on September 17, 161 km South-East of Kherson not far from the village Chieftains. When the observer tried to approach the border checkpoint, they encountered three dogs that behaved aggressively and prevented to approach the checkpoint.

The observers asked the commander of the border patrol to withdraw animals, which he did. “But then twice lowered dogs that aggressively ran after the patrol,” the report says. In the end, the OSCE representatives managed to leave the area of the checkpoint unharmed.

SMM is a civilian mission, the main objectives of which objective observation of the situation and reporting on what is happening. The Minsk agreement establish a free access of observers to the border area.

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