Ancient giant frog was a devourer of dinosaurs

About 68 million years ago, Madagascar was inhabited by a gigantic frog species Beelzebufo ampinga. They have long been extinct, but they found the remains of these animals has allowed scientists to make them complete enough picture. Recently a group of researchers from the UK and the USA have come to the conclusion that the ancient amphibians could hunt small dinosaurs, at least, the strength of their jaws is quite allowed them to do it.


Prehistoric amphibian first described in 2008 was probably the largest frog ever inhabited the Earth. It is estimated that it reached 41 centimeters in length with folded feet, and weighed about 4.5 kilograms. For comparison, frog Goliath, the largest of living on the planet today, reach a length of up to 32 inches.

It was already known that the ancient frog had powerful jaws and attack from ambush on a variety of animals. Some experts have also suggested that the “diet” of large amphibians could enter and very small dinosaurs, but until now, experts had no evidence that the jaws of the frogs were able to cope with the legendary lizards.

In the new study experts — in their own words — measured the bite force of modern frogs and used these data in order to see how powerfully could squeeze the jaws of their ancient counterparts.

As it turned out, medium-sized frogs can bite with a force of about 30 Newtons, and the living horned frogs, which are the “closest relatives” of up to 500 Newtons. According to the researchers, this means that the ancient frogs, this figure could reach 2200 Newtons, which is comparable, for example, with wolves or tigress. Thus, if the ancient amphibians decided to eat a small or a young dinosaur, they could grab it and inflict enough freak in order then to eat.

His research scientists published in the journal Scientific Reports.

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