Expert: the scandalous monument to Kalashnikov shows German machine

A new scandal broke out around the monument gunsmith Mikhail Kalashnikov, recently established in Oruzheiny pereulok Moscow: it turned out that it depicts the German machine.

photo: Natalia Muslinkina
The author of the monument Salavat Shcherbakov

For details of the bas-relief, representing a diagram of the machine, drew the attention of a specialist in the history of military equipment of the Yuri Pasholok. In his Facebook he for comparison brought a photo of bas-relief and the scheme of the German machine Sturmgewehr (Stg) 44 was developed in 1944.

“Don’t say that they are random. For this it is necessary to beat, hurt and in public. It is male sculptors, damn it!” — wrote Pasholok.

Note that to copy the StG 44 was the Kalashnikov suspected, although these charges and found no grounds.

Recall that the sculptor of the monument to Kalashnikov, Salavat Shcherbakov, was also accused of plagiarism: according to experts, in 2013 for graffiti festival “Best city of the Earth”, he copied the image from at home in Israel, declaring that drew the Moscow district.

History with German weapons in the Russian monuments is not new: for example, when opening in 2014, the Belarus railway station of Moscow sculpture “Farewell of Slav” it became clear that the Soviet soldier is holding two German rifles Mauser 98k. They eventually had to cut.

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