First named the Russian contenders for the Nobel prize

Two Russian scientists — physicist Rashid Sunyaev and chemist George Sculpin — named among the possible contenders for the Nobel prize in 2017.


Previously, the names of the doctor of chemical Sciences George Shul’pina I a and doctor of physico-mathematical Sciences Rashid Sunyaev included in the list of most cited researchers in 2017, which is the analytical company Clarivate Analytics. Analytical company, which prepares forecasts for the Nobel laureates, has existed since 2002, and for 15 years they have not got any single Russian.

Rashid Sunyaev known in the scientific world as the author of the “standard” theory of disk accretion is a phenomenon in which falling into a black hole or a neutron star, the matter forms a disk orbiting the Central body. According to the NASA astrophysical database, work Sunyaev published in scientific journals, made more than 60,000 references and a joint article Sunyaev and Nicholas Shakura 1973 is the most cited article in the world of theoretical astrophysics (8140 links). H-index Sunyaev one of the highest in the world — 104. He can get the main scientific award for fundamental contributions to our understanding of the Universe, including its origin, processes of formation of galaxies, disk accretion onto black holes and many other cosmological phenomena.

The second of these Russian contenders for the Nobel prize — leading researcher of the Institute of chemical physics named after N. N. Semenova RAS George Sculpin, a researcher in the field of chemical modelling of biological processes, namely, metal complex catalysis, to create an effective catalytic system for the oxidation of saturated hydrocarbons. His h — index of 51.

As explained “MK” in the Russian Academy of Sciences, in addition to numerous international awards and state prize of the Russian Federation in 2011, the scientist was awarded the reputable Japanese science, the Kyoto prize for contributions to the development of astronomy of high energies. It is almost equal to Nobel prize.

As for the Shul’pina I a, it is well-known joint research with colleagues from foreign scientific institutions, is a foreign member of the Academy of Sciences of Lisbon. Awarded by publishing house “Pleiades Publishing, Inc.” and “Elsevier” for the best scientific publication. Besides George Sculpin known as the author of popular science books on chemistry, translated into foreign languages.

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