In Russia may receive the animal, the Ombudsman

The new position of Commissioner for the rights of animals may appear in Russia. The idea of a service animal of the Ombudsman were made by the social. As it became known “MK”, activists have launched an initiative in a letter to the Minister of nature Sergey Donskoy.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

A proposal was made by the Fund for the rebirth of the environment “Territory of peace”. Activists have conducted a study on the Internet and was horrified: on the network like mushrooms after rain, bred sites with shock content, calling for violence against our smaller brethren. In addition, some particularly sophisticated figures created a series of online games. If you wish, you can choose the level, the purpose of which is the killing of an animal or torture. On cartoon cats and dogs the player can even carry out inhuman experiments.

In this case, as celebrate community, the current community of animal rights activists is fragmented and not coordinated among themselves. As a result, some segments of the Internet are being searched different concerned people ten times, and others are not covered at all. In the end, the eerie footage of the tortured quadruped are in the network for months and regularly collect thousands (if not tens of thousands) of “likes” from users.

Recall what happened in the history Khabarovskii Guadarrama, about which repeatedly wrote “MK”. Alina Orlova and Aliona Savchenko were regularly posted on their personal pages in the social network photos with the dead animals they took from shelters. These materials are regularly gained a large number of views and likes, but the attention of law enforcement for a long time not attracted.

The authors of the idea believe that a problem will help solve the special service of a “virtual Ombudsman”. Such a public defender and his assistants will monitor the entire digital space. And the results of their searches will be transferred to Roskomnadzor and the investigating authorities. Animal rights activists believe that the activities of these services should be as closed and almost secretive.

“A similar situation was with the hunters, – explains the Vice-President of the Moscow society of protection of animals Kirill Goryachev, Until the animal rights activists reported raids in social networks and the media, the hunters became only more. It was the fashion. Then, when the topic itself has died away, and the hunters have become much smaller. Incidents still occur, were some beginnings of organized groups. But it’s not the same, they act without desire popiaritsya, their actions have no adrenaline”.

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