“Pre-premiere screening of “Matilda” in Novosibirsk began with protests

Young people with placards staged a short protest in front of the pre-premiere screening of “Matilda” by Alexei Uchitel on Friday in Novosibirsk, the correspondent of Agency “Interfax”, who was present at the screening.

Before the show was taken special security measures, as informed in theater address received threatening letters. In particular, the cinema-goers at the entrance to the Mall where the theater is located, passed through the frame in front of the entrance to the hall is located cynologists with dogs.

It is noted that the show “Matilda” will be held in all four halls of the cinema in connection with excessive demand.

On Wednesday, before the premiere screening of “Matilda” behind closed doors was held in Saint-Petersburg, where there were no provocations and incidents. Most viewers generally positive about the film after watching, however, noted that nothing provocative or especially outstanding from the point of view of art did not see it.

In addition, September 11, Russia’s first screening of “Matilda” was held in Vladivostok, collecting full halls.

The film “Matilda” directed the Teacher will be released on 26 October 2017. In August, the Ministry of culture issued the rolling certificate with a rating of 16+. The film tells about the relationship of the heir to the throne, the future Emperor Nicholas II and ballerina Matilda Kshesinskaya.

The picture evoked a wide response even before the release, in particular, it actively advocates against state Duma Deputy Natalia Poklonskaya. September 12 United a network of “cinema Park” and “the cinema Formula” reported that will not show the film due to threats to cinemas.

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