Scientists are taught to communicate space robot Fedora

A new radio telemetry system will appear in the generated reusable manned spacecraft “Federation”. It will be twice smaller, lighter and more functional compared to the samples of the previous generation.


As reported by “MK” in “Russian space systems”, the innovation called on-Board telemetry system (BRTS) – will be the main receiving-transmitting system of the spacecraft “Federation”, taking on Board teams from the ground control centre and transmitting information from Board to Earth.

In addition to the service controls, telemetry, TV cameras, BRTS really is and the relationship with the first “pilot” of the “Federation” but the time test flights – robot Fedor (humanoid robot Final Experimental Demonstration Object Research – FEDOR). Talking to him, the specialists are going to work out the future system of negotiations with these members of the crew using wireless headsets.

Part BRTS included two monoblock. One of them will be installed in the engine compartment of the spacecraft, the other in the return apparatus. Unlike the first candy bar, the candy bar in the returned device will be integrated voice communications unit to ensure that conversations between the astronauts, ground control system, the ISS and other related systems.

The first flight of a “Federation” with the robot Fedor and a new communications system is scheduled for 2021.

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