Shcherbakov: on the German machine gun Kalashnikov on the monument say the enemies of Russia

The author of the monument to Mikhail Kalashnikov, Salavat Shcherbakov, came under criticism after images of the German gun StG 44, said that to blame him can only “hell” and “enemies of Russia”.


In an interview with radio station “Moscow speaking” Shcherbakov said that the allegations of error in the bas-relief on the monument supposedly based only on similar fixing strap of the Kalashnikov assault rifle StG 44. The latest model, recall, was developed in 1944 in Germany by Hugo Schmeisser, after the war contained in Izhevsk. Because of this, Kalashnikov had suspected that he created the weapon was actually also made by Schmeisser.

According to the sculptor, the noise around the bug with a gun raised “enemies of Russia”, as always happens when there is “a monument, we need Russia”.

“They, those devils, then came up, — he complained. — Instead of having to call and say “you there, the belt is wrong”, no, immediately to the press. If only the press to give, and begins… We’re talking about villains. What matters is that you were a kind soul and right direction. But the rascals, they jump and can not calm down”.

We will remind that the error with the German guns on the “need Russia” the monument is already the second in the work of Shcherbakov.

A similar case was created under his leadership, a monument to “Farewell of Slav”, located on the Belarusian railway station: there’s a Soviet soldier holding two German Mauser 98k rifle, which in the end had to be cut down.

Today, the Executive Director ordered the monument to the Russian military-historical society Vladislav Kononov (the organization is headed by the Minister of culture Vladimir Medina) admitted that his organization does not understand the weapons, why did not notice the error on the bas-relief. Thus, according to Kononova, Shcherbakov promised to remove the error, although the sculptor still completely did not recognize her and claims that can not contact a specialist in the history of military equipment Yuri Padalka, who first noticed the German guns on the monument.

In this earlier Shcherbakov was accused of plagiarism: in a sketch for graffiti festival “Best city in the world,” he reproduced already existing in Israel, the figure, having given him the image of the Moscow district.

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