“Syrian refugee sentenced in Estonia for 10 years for trying to burn wife

In Estonia Harju (Harju) County court sentenced arrived in the country under the quota EU of Syrian refugee Mohammad Cowan (Mohammad Kovan) to 10 years in prison.

20-year-old Cowan is accused of the March 7 in his apartment Tallinn lit 22-year-old spouse, also a refugee. According to the court judgment, he pre-bought gasoline, tied up wife four towels, doused with gasoline and set on fire.

The life of a Syrian who received burns to 70% of his body, managed to save. During the crime in the apartment was also their total infant.

The man was charged with infliction of serious injuries, life-threatening and led to serious illness and repeated physical violence.

The trial in court commenced on 11 September and was conducted behind closed doors, but the verdict was open.

The family of Syrians arrived in Estonia from Greece in June 2016, the quota system of the EU.

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