The developers of “Alice” told Putin that the neural network can be depressed.

Russian President Vladimir Putin visited the headquarters of the Corporation “Yandex” in Moscow on the eve of the 20th anniversary of the company. Experts have submitted to the President its new developments, among which was the service of telemedicine, unmanned vehicle, and the pride of the company based on the technology of artificial intelligence voice assistant “Alice”.

The President of Russia Vladimir Putin, communicating with the developers of the company “Yandex”, found that the voice assistant “Alice” as people capable of experiencing depression. Experts admitted the head of state that the system went into depression after they decided to teach it solely on the basis of Russian literature.

“We had planned to take to teach “Alice” all of Russian literature: Dostoevsky, Tolstoy, Gogol… it was terribly depressing, “Alice”, all seen in black,” admitted the developers.

To “cure” the “Alice” from depression, the experts of “Yandex” decided to modernize it through a connection to the micro-blogging network Twitter. However, this experiment ended with the artificial intelligence crossed with a classic speech at the informal, full of unprintable expressions.

In addition, according to the developers, “Alice” different from other voice assistants,fact that it is possible just to talk. Therefore, one and the same question may follow different response.

  • Robots Putin: the President in Yandex introduced “Alice” and the drone

    Russian President Vladimir Putin visited the office of the Russian company Yandex, where he was shown innovative Russian technologies – an unmanned vehicle and mobile voice assistant “Alice”.

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    published: 21.09.2017

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