The earth may begin to die already after 83 years

This conclusion was made by scientists from mit, having estimated, what amount of carbon can accumulate by the time in the oceans.

Over the past 540 million years, the Earth has experienced five mass extinctions, said in scientific article, and each of them was associated with the disruption of the normal carbon cycle: when it became unstable, life was dying.

The normal carbon cycle in addition to natural causes may be disrupted by anthropogenic emissions of carbon dioxide — CO2. “Given the recent increase in CO2 in the short term, it is possible to speak about the approaching sixth mass extinction. It will depend on whether accumulate a critical amount of carbon (310 GT) in the ocean,” — said the head of Daniel Rothman.

As explained “MK” at the Institute of atmospheric physics RAS, we are, apparently, goes not about all living beings, and the most sensitive to climate change. Over the past 500 million years there were five mass extinctions of terrestrial species, but it was only on the reduction of their diversity. For example, the extinction 252 million years ago led to the death of dinosaurs and the almost complete disappearance of marine life, and then, 66 million years ago, mammals have suffered less than others.

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