The fights are not of local importance: the pros and cons of labor migrants

Migrant workers are needed. At first we doubted it, but the state people five to seven years ago we had an awareness-raising campaign, and now every Muscovite knows that without migrant workers our beautiful capital will never be perfect.


Migrant workers perform low-paid jobs that Muscovites refuse. They are on construction sites and in housing, warehouses and loading. Hauling heavy, get wet in the rain, get up at four in the morning, to clean the yards of snow.

We look at them almost with gratitude and affection. Really, where would we be without them? Not by the same to carry, to get wet and freeze?

About migrant workers not to talk badly. Sometimes you can tell that somewhere they cut corners. Complain that they need to adjust and control: only turn away, and they are already resting. Wonder how long they speak on the mobile phone: shares probably traded. And by the way, what is their rate? We have higher wages, and here we can’t afford to talk like them.

All that can be said. But you can’t say they are bad.

‘ve said that before. Now there isn’t. In a civilized society it is considered bad form. And we are a civilized society. Anyway, go to them. And it’s actually very good, very good.

If people are comfortable to the visitors and not shaking with rage, looking at them, it can not but rejoice.

For absolute and complete joy we must now learn to see in migrant workers are not just faceless employees, but people who also have some rights and traditions, peculiarities, personality and tendencies. Including is fraught with troubles.

Last Tuesday, in this sense, was a revelation. In Lublin at the shopping center “Moscow” gathered an angry screaming crowd of migrants from Tajikistan — according to some estimates, more than two hundred people.

Came to fight with the local guards chopivtsi.

If it was under Kulob, they’d staged a bloody brawl. But in Lublin there arrived fighters of Regardie and dispersed the crowd.

It turned out, the security guards of the shopping center drove into the this day the Tajik-loader — beaten and dragged out of the territory of the shopping center. Countrymen found out and went to avenge her.

Because of what happened conflict is unknown. Probably, the loader didn’t give the guards a hundred rubles, usually causes such.

Whatever it was, the locals go out in the evening was dangerous and unpleasant. And resurfaced, seemingly forever clarified the question whether Moscow’s labour migrants in such large numbers? Do we need these angry crowds that revealed their strange relationship?

Together with labor migrants arriving in Moscow. The more, the more we have the peace that they bring. The more of them the world — the stronger it is. The stronger it is, the more collisions between their world and ours.

It is neither good nor bad. It is a reality to be reckoned with.

A furious crowd of migrant workers, gathered on Tuesday in Lublin, showed that their has to be viewed as a force capable, under certain conditions, pose a threat to the civilian population.

Civilians absolutely no matter for what reason gathered this crowd. Whoever is right — the loader or the guards, who were deceived, failed, got nasty, rude.

Civilians need to calmly go in the evening in your Mall, not afraid to be there in the midst of the uprising of migrant workers.

For the civilian population is as important as to live in a well maintained city that is constantly sweeping and improving migrant workers.

Maybe even more important.

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