The Ministry of culture proposed that providers and search engines without court to block pirate sites

The Ministry of culture has developed a bill according to which the sites with pirated content will be blocked without a court during the day and at the same time be excluded from the issuance of the search engines.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

The document is available on the official website of publishing legal acts, now he is anti-corruption examination, is also going the reason.

It is assumed that the right holder will be able to send searchers to their reasonable claims, and then those during the day will be required, or to exclude a site with pirated content from the issue, or provide a substantiated refusal.

Also, the rightholder will be allowed to bring complaints on pirated content to Roskomnadzor, which, in turn, will require during the day to block copyright infringing website.

All this will be done without a court decision, although the site owners and will have an opportunity to appeal the action to the lock.

Recall that at the moment in Russia already operates a pre-trial lock “mirrors” pirate sites, but this “parent” website needs a court to be considered as violating the copyright.

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