“The Spanish authorities have started to block sites on secession of Catalonia

Catalonia has announced a referendum on independence

Protest rally in Catalanitat: epa/vostock-photo

– Access a web page through which after registering of personal data you can find out the address of the parcel and print the ballot for the referendum on self-determination of Catalonia, blocked by the bodies of justice of Spain.

“This domain is closed in accordance with the requirement of the legal Department and is in his possession,” reads the inscription in Spanish and English on the website www.referendum.cat launched the government of Catalonia for those wishing to take part in the referendum on 1 October.

To this measure, the government of Catalonia came after Wednesday seized about 10 million ballots prepared for the referendum. In addition, the court 13 district of Barcelona has ordered providers of Internet services to block during the day, access to sites related to the planned referendum. List 10 Internet addresses.

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