After canceling concerts in Russia Robbie Williams admitted lying

No sooner had the fans to recover from the news about the cancellation of all Russian concerts of your favorite artist as they were in for another shock. However, for fans of facts making, it might seem pleasant. The artist released an autobiographical book, “Revelation” in which he admitted that he once posing as another famous musician.


It was in the hotel where the singer of the band Oasis Liam Gallagher was booked. Somehow, Williams has learned that his colleagues will not be there one night, and decided to take advantage of the situation. “I knew that Liam’s not coming, and I knew that his room in the hotel is free. I was known that he used the alias Billy shirt. So, I checked into the hotel as Billy shirt and slept under the name of Gallagher with a journalist”. Then, according to Robbie, the leader of Oasis, heard about this story, deservedly called him “tricky shit”.

The story of Robbie, of course, can make you smile, but compared to some of the other antics and confessions of the stars, seems like a fairly innocent prank. The main character of “Twilight” Robert Pattinson has admitted he has a special affection for elephants, and one of them allegedly even tried to seduce him, clenching his trunk. Who knows — maybe the actor was a figure of speech, but his story about this incident at the time, quickly spread around the Internet with many different, including ambiguous comments. The Grammy award winner, American singer, fashion designer and actress fergie was told that in his early youth was part of the Mexican criminal groups actively used drugs and suffered from various visions, for example, once she imagined that her hamster was possessed by an evil spirit, and she decided to talk to him. Enrique Iglesias in an interview, the Spanish press said that will never pose completely naked, because afraid of the size of his dignity. Surprisingly, however, he is not shy to talk about it. Daniel Radcliffe — ispolnitel plays Harry Potter — not hiding from the public that suffers from a rare and incurable disease, there. It is a brain dysfunction that prevents a person to perform simple purposeful movements. For example, a young person problems with the teeth brushing and he can’t concentrate to write a couple of sentences. The legendary al Pacino once told that because of extreme poverty in 20 years was forced to sell my body, and still very sorry about that.

Of course, not only celebrities but many “ordinary mortals” there are facts in the biography that can surprise even their family and friends, but when such becomes known about the people who are constantly under the gun cameras, raised the hype. However, not all celebrities suffer from it, some have used successfully organizing additional PR.

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