Alexander Shilov has presented a portrait of Kim Philby

20 September in the gallery of Alexander Shilov was a presentation of his new film is a portrait of the legendary spy Kim Philby, were part of the so-called “Cambridge five”.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

At the presentation Director of the foreign intelligence Service Sergei Naryshkin expressed gratitude to the artist for his work: “there are portraits of different people, different lives, ages, nationalities, professions, but they all undoubtedly share one thing in common — this huge love for our Fatherland and the willingness to give your all, and if they need to — and life, for freedom, for independence of our Motherland, for the safety and welfare of its citizens. On behalf of my colleagues and staff, I thank you sincerely for this work and for this noble work that you do.”

As later noted he Shilov, the hall was attended by a lot of scouts and people associated with the secret services. The most important guest for the artist was the widow of Kim Philby — Rufina Ivanovna.

— Reading a biographical book, which you gave me, — said Shilov, understand what you will be for me the highest judge. Thank you for trusting me.

The widow liked the work, and she expressed gratitude for the fact that you do not forget not only her husband but also all those who brought an end to the war.

Incidentally, as noted by Sergei Naryshkin, the picture was drawn with a very fuzzy pictures, but any artist should draw from life, to be able to communicate with his hero: “But in my opinion, Alexander the maksovich coped brilliantly with this difficult work!”.

“Thanks to these people, I learned their true role. There is no more sacred duty than to protect the Fatherland! We all owe those who brought the end of the war,” at the end of his speech, said Alexander Shilov.

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