Bad — good steal

If the officer does not work — then it’s a good steal. Otherwise, why would they keep an important place?


If the appointment, dismissal and excitation of criminal case would depend on the people, ought to ask: why should the thief suffer in a important place? But solves not the people — hence, the patience and say no.

Officials on the important place held by his superiors. And he steals and shares with them. Other explanation we can come up with.

In the center of Moscow just erected a huge monument to Kalashnikov (human and machine). The Author Is Salavat Scherbakov.

Artistic value and architectural relevance estimate will not, legitimate criticism sounded a lot. We about hack.

On the monument to Russian machine depicted the German machine. For one it would have to demolish the monument, and those officials who ordered, claimed, financed and took the goods — of course, under the court. For obvious abuse and alleged theft. The monument is a large, pricey.

A year ago in the center of Moscow erected a huge monument to Prince Vladimir. The Author Is Salavat Scherbakov. Artistic merit, appropriateness of architectural sculpture and moral qualities of the Prince will not appreciate. Know. We about hack.

On the head of St. Vladimir was the hat of Vladimir Monomakh, who lived a hundred years later. The sculptor still, and Muscovites do not care. But it’s a shame. The initiator of these expensive jewelry — Minister of culture, head of the Military historical society. And that’s just the culture, military and historical accuracy they have is not enough: the Minister, sculptor and others who were grazing around and inside of the case.

Today on the radio sounded interview, Salavat Shcherbakov about the German machine on the monument to the Russian machine. He said: “the Image of the German machine — error. But it takes no more than two to five percent of the area of the monument.”

This is a very interesting economic approach to measure the sculpture in square meters. And 2% is really nothing, if you assume, depict flowers or naked women. But the monument dressed man… We did a study; it turned out that the swastika on the sleeve of his uniform is 2% of the area. In this case, two percent are more important than the other 98.

In the center of Moscow in 2014, erected a monument to the Russian soldier. Is called “Farewell of Slav”. The author (team of authors) — Salavat Shcherbakov.

Artistic merit, as you know, we don’t appreciate. We about hack.

On the monument is the coat of arms, symbolizing the beginning of the great Patriotic war. The emblem rifle German-made Mauser 98.

Salavat Shcherbakov said the indignant people that the staff tried very hard and that the special intent in this was not exact.

Believe. We do not suspect the sculptor Shcherbakov and his customers in the treacherous and malicious corruption of the people, Russophobia, germanophilia. We just believe that there’s money, and not some ideas. The artist regularly pours in granite (formula Prime-Minister Medvedev).

I wish the future President of Russia (and soon the elections) has promised that one of the first decrees (after, of course, the largest arrests of corrupt officials, whose names the current President precisely known) would be a decree: all the deputies and Federation Council members, Ministers (including culture) and governors to write an essay on “How I earned the first $ 10 million on state service”.

And then one examiner (with a dictionary) check the spelling mistakes and the other (with polygraph) the actual.

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