Began accepting applications for the Moscow international Biennale for young art

This was announced in the New Space of the theatre of Nations. Curator Vera Martynov and curator of the 6th Moscow international Biennale for young art, Lucrezia Visconti, Calabro discussed the concept of the main project, called “Abracadabra.” The Italian spoke about the role today played by young curators in major international projects like the Biennale, about his desire to work with local contexts and their experiences of collaboration with famous artist Maurizio Cattelan.

photo: courtesy of the press service of the Biennale

The age limit for those wishing to participate in the Biennale artists and curators for 35 years. From artists requires only the application for participation, and curators and even the concept of strategic projects of the Biennale, which will be held at the national centre for contemporary arts (NCCA) and Moscow Museum of modern art (MMOMA).

The word “Abracadabra” in ancient times it was ascribed magical properties, and in our time it has become a real slogan pop culture (think at least torn the dance floor in the 1980s disco hit for the Steve Miller), says Lucrezia Visconti Calabro. – While uttering the incantation “Abracadabra!”, we start the process of energy conversion and peace. “Abracadabra!” — and now, out of nothing appears something. Today this magic word brings with it a host of associations: here and growing inside of modern culture interest in the esoteric, secret practices, and atmosphere of unpredictable parties, which many of us have become the alternative to a world of rules and prohibitions. The exhibition project “Abracadabra” will be devoted to stories and fantasies of the younger generation, which have transformative power, its basis is the subculture of the dance floor as the image of the other, opposing current and better society — open, carefree and generous. Here is where new characters and compose new worlds. That is why we focus on performative practices, video, and interdisciplinary research among the project participants would like to see artists creating their own drama of relationship with space and time and inventing new practices of interaction, as well as those who have not forgotten how the power of imagination to create models of the future.

Lucrezia Visconti Calabro
Photo: courtesy of the press service of the Biennale

During his first trip to Russia Lucrezia Visconti Calabro visited exhibitions of the Foundation V-A-C in the Moscow Museum of modern art and the Ural industrial Biennale. Lucrezia was found with more than 50 young artists in the framework of portfolio-review in Moscow, “Red,” visited the school “Free workshops” Moscow Museum of modern ART and private artists ‘ studios.

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