Cup of Russia: to give the trophy to the “Spartak” too early

1/16 finals of the Cup of Russia – as a dividing line.

In the Cup of Russia have passed matches of the next stage. Joined the tournament past participants of clubs of the Premier League. And joined extremely poorly, because of the 16 from the draw immediately dropped 10. Among these 10 participants of the European Cup, the leaders of the current championship and the winner of that trophy along with his opponent in the final.

Say, what does that say about the attitude of our leading clubs for this tournament, its minor and in this find all the explanations. But it’s not just our feature. In England, where the Cup is valued above the Europa League in the quarterfinals last year, was playing “Lincoln city” and “Millwall”. It is not a coincidence, it happens all the time and everywhere.

Our leaders did not put doubles in bulk. Perhaps, only did CSKA Moscow, which, incidentally, immediately caused widespread irony. As the President of the club Giner spoke about the need to increase the number of matches, and the coach Gancharenko and word, and deed demonstrated the need for a recreational basis. But the rest of the team, if and attracted players of the reserve, the closest reserve. The coaches also like to say that the team is not 11 people. That came out of the team in this expanded understanding of the basics.

I do not underestimate the nearest reserve of our clubs, Premieres, moreover, I am sure that even on the benches they sit the players in the most part, more skillful than the clubs in Germany go basis. Just for some passing this match and others match of the season. It was there that their chance to Express themselves, to move to another level. And there are circumstances which of the many random events change the fate of the players and coaches.

In 2004, the draw of the knockout stages of the Champions League began with Costini sensational goal in the last minute of the return match at old Trafford. And may up the star of Jose Mourinho. And when in added time to lay down their arms command Mancini and Semin, it was interesting to look at dogauchi their tochilina and Tikhonov. Because in these battles, there was nothing accidental. For them it was crucial to win here and now.

High dispersion Cup results is the main advantage of this competition. Here you can not relax and no time to fix something. It is generally a very men’s tournament, where we must go from victory to victory. At this stage, when the provincial boards, it is necessary to carefully apply to their advantage in the classroom, which may not be enough.

Last year “Spartacus” Carrera departed at the same stage, demonstrating this confidence. But in the regular season went for each match as in the Cup.

A year later, everything changed. And the Cup came a wholly-owned basis, which never for a moment allowed himself to relax. This “extra” calendar match can be a key to restore the necessary balance of willingness and ability that has been lost in the first round and they are still looking for all the world.

But greatly mistaken are those who now tipped Spartak title already at this stage. And it’s not only Berdyev, who certainly have their own plans for the Cup. It is also in Alenichev and Parfenova, Pisarev and Talalaev, who also got a taste of the glorious hunt. And with each new level of strength and desire will only grow. The class effect only when the dedication of the teams will be equal. And that “Spartak” in this season, knows it better than others.

Next week, our clubs will play in the Champions League with the English, and they in turn played their matches in the League Cup. And the winning red-white will play the loser at “Liverpool” and the loser red-blue – with winning the “Manchester United”. Does it follow anything in particular?

No, none of this should be. Only that in football does not happen programmed results. And where there is not enough class, you can get the discipline, confidence and team unity of action.

And it’s not a matter of luck, it is a question of the circumstances of a particular game. You just have to use all the opportunities that are provided. No doom and neglect. And the chances are.

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