“Every second German voted against Merkel in leadership positions in Germany

– Half of voters who will participate in the upcoming parliamentary elections in Germany, would not like to see again Angela Merkel as Chancellor of Germany, according to a survey company YouGov, which publishes the Sunday edition of Die Welt.

So, 50% of respondents agreed with the statement “I would like to Merkel held a senior position”.

The survey revealed a slight difference between the Western and Eastern parts of Germany in the evaluation of Merkel.

In particular, 18% of residents in the Eastern part of Germany spoke negatively about the activities of the current Chancellor. Among West Germans this position is shared by 16%.

The survey polled a total of 2 308 people.

Parliamentary elections in Germany will take place on Sunday September 24. The results of the voting will be formed, the Bundestag, which, in turn, will elect a Chancellor. Currently this post is the third time in a row Merkel.

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