Film Teacher showed under a subscription about nondisclosure

In St. Petersburg ended the 27th international film festival “Message to man” that focuses on documentary, short and animated films. In his last years as President is headed by Director Alexey Uchitel. During the festival, he looked exhausted. It is strange to hear from some of his colleagues the word on what is happening around “Matilda” — a luxury PR. God forbid anyone of such PR price in preinfarction angina. However, in the days of the festival Alexey Uchitel has finally revealed its long-suffering film to representatives of film business in conditions of extreme secrecy.

Frame from the movie.

The show “Matilda” took place in a 30-minute drive from Petersburg, where he gathered representatives of the film industry in the late evening hours, when you could relax after a busy day. Each of them gave a subscription to disclose what he saw on the screen before the official premiere. But how was held a semi-secret show, the witnesses shared with the “MK”. Originally assigned to the viewing was postponed for a day, fearing that information about it is widely spread and it is possible to expect inadequate reaction on the part of militant citizens. In the end, all was calm and culturally, though has taken additional security measures. In particular, they conducted a multi-level examination of passports, carefully inspect the bags. Special attention was paid to the availability of drinks and food — with them the entrance was ordered. But is the practice of all the world’s major festivals in recent years. Screening of “Matilda” served cynologists with dogs. To the cinema for a long time did not run because his job was done by sappers and cynologists. Each part was given to the treatment of the press center of the MIA of Russia. It was reported that in connection with increased public attention to the release of the movie “Matilda” and to ensure the safety of spectators and prevent possible provocations of the territorial bodies of the MIA aimed to promote the rental organizations and local authorities in the protection of public order in places of the film. And if necessary they can take additional measures to ensure law and order, security of buildings and property. In General, it depends on the operational environment. What is happening like a bad dream, a theater of the absurd. People of the film business take everything with a healthy irony.

Before the film addressed the audience from the screen Yevgeny Mironov, who played the role of Director of the Imperial theatres. He urged not to succumb to provocations and to remember that it is not a specific picture, and the possibility of the establishment of censorship in the country, if all together do not uphold the “Matilda”. According to eyewitnesses, along the screen stood guards in civilian clothes, were closed during the show the exit behind him. Briefly made major-General of the Ministry of interior in civilian clothes, which no one was warned, and just wished all a pleasant stay: “Look, enjoy!” And after watching appeared Alexey Uchitel.

He confessed what a difficult time he is experiencing and working with it colleagues, as it is hard to hear for many months all rubbish to the film: “In a country there comes a time when we must tell ourselves where we are going. The path of obscurantism, when people talking about God knows what, trying to threaten and intimidate? This is a tactic of absolute terrorism. Scare you, and then still nothing happens. They will not do anything except disorderly conduct. I’m sure. We choose freely to go to the cinema, to watch what we want. I ask you not to be afraid.”

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