Fire and ice Hope Granovsky

Girls Meladze (composer Konstantin, the owner of “VIA gra”), as bond girl – a lot of them and they are all perfectly good. At the premiere of the author’s play “the History De Un Amor” Hope Granovsky, one of these ex-girlfriends (now preferring to call himself a maiden name Meyher), was pleasing to the eye all the same, as in the days of “VIA gra”, well pumped triceps singer, expressive part of the hip… well, she was good!

photo: Vladimir Chistyakov

Most of all, however, lucky Vera Brezhneva, the most iconic blonde and note the beauty of this moderationthe pop of the show – she is now the wife of Konstantin Meladze and, in principle, she has all the drum. The rest of “fugitives” and “graduates” – most popular girls-band of the CIS need to fuss, strain, to be creative, to muster and bring forth something new, interesting, exciting to remain, as before, sought-after artists, afloat, in the center of public attention and on the cutting edge of musical life. To realize this difficult or even impossible task it turns out not always, not all, sometimes with varying degrees of success (again, except for “sabastiano” m-m Brezhneva).

Best of all managed Loboda. But she was in “VIA GRE” long, short, and, as he told recently in an extensive interview to “MK” got in there essentially by accident, tried not to collective creativity, and his solo career, because terrible not being fair. The rest was more difficult, as “VIA Gra” was the bet of life, and once for one reason or another outside of the project, many of the “girls.”, who dreamed of becoming the lady of the sea, found myself, as the fabulous old broad with a leaky net nothing.

What to do? Wiping away a tear of parting and despair, to collect will in a fist and go to town. Hope Meyher-Granovskaya approached the storm new creative horizons in a few hits, not sitting idly by, trying to develop, which is commendable. Looking for new ways and means of creative expression. Released the clips, which were expressive, professionally wealthy and even convincing vocal.

After gaining some Luggage solo career eventually decided to grab not all – on some premiesku solo program, but on the whole, you know, “author’s performance”. “History De Un Amor” – the love and passion for Argentine tango and all that burning of the Spanish-latinoamerikanski gadgets. Nadia has said about this vector of your creativity or just as the state of the soul – the gift that burning statuesque brunette with protectively-a penetrating look expressive and beautiful “Germanistik” eyes… Therefore, the essence and concept of the play did not look, in General, a big surprise.

Outline simple – Lamour-tuzhur, sighs and moans, the object of adoration and passion, which comes and goes, and the girl must be suffering. Singing and some of the already known their songs, and specially selected to play covers of popular Latin hits Besame Mucho, Historia De Un Amor, and even “cruel romance” Andrey Petrov “Under caress plush rug” on the cult poem by Marina Tsvetaeva dedicated to, as we know, the first lesbian experience of the poetess. In a sensual dance scenes and four dancers the theme of the orientation of the perversions, too, was subtly accentuated, and with the participation of the singer that in the current nakovyryali in Russia “spiritual braces” it was certainly a bold and commendable gesture.

During another PA who was sitting next to one worker of culture of the Moscow enthusiastically burst out: “she Jumps easier than Volochkova!”. Phenomenal orchestra Tango Project has been lacquered salon atmosphere impeccable and colorful accompaniment, in which the violin, cello, piano, drums, and especially bandoneon, a variation of the harmonics filled the room, reverberating grace…

And all would be well if the desperate Hope sang and read poems. Here began the problems, aesthetically and overall, an interesting event has acquired some of the characteristics of artistic Amateur performances of regional recreation center. Vocal persuasiveness Studio tracks disappeared in the morning fog, though the desire to sing live is certainly commendable, especially for girls from “VIA gra”. Recitation has brought in turn to the suspicion about the lack of phone book contacts artist teachers on scenic speech and acting: gestures, facial expressions, pronunciation, intonation, accents – all of somewhere past. And sultry looks, as it turned out, not a guarantee of “volcano of passions”, which is an essential feature of such hot matter as Argentine tango.

On the one hand, you can blatantly recommend Nadia to try to give lessons of the same vocals at least as much time as, judging by the elegance of form, she spends at the gym. On the other – can remember how ugly live singing the same Madonna and leave it at that…

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