Foster mother that removed the mammary glands, deprived children: she-males

Another scandal with the foster family stirred the social network. This time, two foster children were removed from families of Julia and Eugene from Yekaterinburg. The reason is more than spicy: custody believes that the mother is preparing for… sex change. The basis for this suspicion became a blog on the Internet on behalf of transgender, which led Julia and the operation for breast reduction, which recently made a woman. Before the operation the citizen was 6-7th the size of the bust, and now only the first.

Photos family is quite happy and prosperous. Photo: SOCIAL networks

Julia 40 years old, she has three children and two adopted. The eldest, 17-year-old daughter lives with her dad. Judging by the photos, the family is quite happy and secure.

On his page in social networks Julia described the visit of the guardianship more emotional: “…I’ve been stalked. I was hunted. From the doorway: “Gather the children, we take away”. What, why? “We have information that you did an illegal operation. Your pics from instagram taskinen, you were going to change gender. And all you have is filthy and there’s the piece of Wallpaper torn off”. Don’t know, maybe there are people who are in any situation to remain calm, but when I take the kids with whom we were together every minute from one to three years, with a second and a half, my ability to think coolly disappeared. I showed a certificate from the hospital where you had your surgery — you’re crazy, everything is legitimate”.

Foster mom is a breast reduced for the sake of convenience, from the large bust has hurt the spine, and with the first size is convenient to play with children in the football and run with the dogs through the fields. However, a source close to the court, said “MK” in a private conversation: the court requested the medical records from the clinic, and there in the column “Purpose of the operation” says “sex Change”.

Photo: SOCIAL networks

Contact Yulia via the social network, but from an interview she refuses:

— Do not physically have time. Sorry.

— Julia, answer at least one question: does your medical documents for the operation specified in the “operation Target” “sex Change”?

However, the answer is no. In the end, it is unclear that even if man decided to change his gender, he by default becomes a bad parent? Ask this question to Igor MOROKOV, the Commissioner for children’s rights in the Sverdlovsk region.

According to the Russian Family code the family is the Union of man and woman, even abroad for adoption children are not given to same-sex families. I myself also have traditional, shall we say, views of the family — the child should be mom and dad. Of course, there are situations when children take custody of single people. But families with two dads or two moms, while in Russia can not be. That is, of course, adults have the right to decide with whom to live and how to change yourself, but the state to entrust their children under the agreement in such families can not.

And if such families will be more, is it possible to change the legislation?

Theoretically everything is possible, of course, but I don’t think this phenomenon will be widespread. While we practice in these matters not. As far as I know, the gender change is required the decision of a psychiatrist, was a situation when desire to change gender was recognized psychiatric illness. A lot of nuances and subtleties.

— Well, what of the situation with Julia’s family? How do you assess the actions of guardianship?

— While I rely on the decision of the court, where it is reported that the action of guardianship is nothing illegal. But all documents on this case I have not seen, including medical, you are talking about above. It became known of it on Wednesday. The situation is too delicate to engage in any speculation. We understand that while our office has no right to take sides, we primarily work in the interests of children, not foster parents, or care. In any case, until the verdict has not entered into force, Yulia and her husband has the legal right to appeal it.

Visit Julia in social networks family friends have started a fundraiser. Its exact purpose is not specified, it is written foggy: “I Ask each of you to help the family to be reunited”, but you will find a map of Julia.

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