I bought the sausage and put in your pocket

Terrible impression decrypted wiretapping in the case of the speaker. Sit two men apparently know each other, comfortably drinking tea, eating sausage, talking, and then it turns out: one another to extort bribes, and the second gently inserts first one, suchiva him with marked money. The poor Orwell, to draw the darkest, the society of the future, could not invent such controversy. For this he would have to retrain in Zoshchenko, because the situation is classically satirical: “Boxes up the cake (I mean sausage)!” Just not at the stage deli, and at the state level. But also more in line with videosbrianna picture of the ditty: “I bought the sausage and put in your pocket, and it is such rubbish, I was scared”.

photo: Alex geldings

Sorry for the poor old Orwell

Sorry for the poor Orwell, with his fragile, pathetic fantasy. Didn’t catch the vaunted writer-dreamer to the heights of our everyday existence, failed to compose the novel “2017”, where it was about the sausage, about what the Ministry of Truth smoothly perekvalifitsiruetsya in statistical structure, the wire will be a form (and norm) companionship, highway robbers call themselves the tax service, and in severe ascetic the country will prosper to colic funny corruption, and see: Big Brother — the basic thief, surrounded by small and large crooks that will never be to pay the penalty for their sins, because the ruling clan is one big criminal family.


Every time we start talking about revolutions (or reforms) which must transform life for the better, not from the side. We must begin, for example, here is why: comrade Yezhov cohabited, muzhelozhstvo with his driver. While he was married. (Which is quite normal and typical for human communities. And what had his wife poisoned, in the order of things. Many great people have done so with friends.) But about the revolution in connection with all kinds of cohabitations — asked questions not all. This should lead the conversation about the possibility or impossibility that any positive change in the society and the person, respectively the proclaimed slogans about achieving justice, equality, the Communist radiant tomorrow. In the subtext of demagogy and ideological murk, perfect design, invented by idle theorists. It is bursting at the seams and breaks down when confronted with an underlying (and sometimes obvious) essence of the two-legged dreamer.

You can, of course, say, in Union with the driver’s Commissar claimed social equality between boss and staff, but what about the fraud with high confidence, which was surrounded by Yezhov larger than he is, heads? They thought: he, Yezhov, will become a model of revolutionary asceticism. And he? Finely deceived.

Even more difficult, downright apocalyptic curse comes in our society from the sausage. It is a curse hanging over us. If Homo sapiens could get rid of this Damocles sword…! For sausage went to Moscow in the years of the deficit of the province by train. Remember the riddle: “a Long, green and smells like sausage?” The sausage carried out of the Kremlin surrenders canteen workers of the CPSU Central Committee, when the Communist party was banned. Sausage and today acts as Buridan bait.

Who decides?

Oruellovskim Big Brother and saying: “Cadres decide everything.” And we, from the height of our experience, say: “Solves the sausage, which was vested in these shots”. We clearly see daily. Video of sausage handouts not worth a snuff of tobacco and damn. There was a galaxy of governors — where is she? It is devoid of sausage. It was a conglomeration of Ministers and bankers. They decided (in addition to personal financial matters)? No decide no frames, and the one who wipes on their feet.


Of the country, those who drink the Cup of the Communist totalitarian deviluke (and absorbed it), deeply and permanently ill. See it on the example wall itself off from the EU of Hungary and not able to operationalise of Poland, which only nominally, advertising announces fight with Communist symbols, but in fact remains a Communist hierarchical pyramid: promoting, for example, the idea of appointing judges (becoming controlled by government) above — as in the old days. Cherishing these ideas, the ruling class — smelted in the crucible of the past — moves back into his usual routine. But the same as Poland has seriously embarked on the path of recovery, which is evident from the powerful widespread protests by ordinary citizens against the rotten judicial reform, — the head of Poland Andrzej Duda was forced to cancel the recurrence of the socialist regime.

Stubborn in their disease (I am about our country and its worship of Stalin) waiting for more malodorous belching, than in Poland and Hungary. We will be left to rot among the miasma.

Sausage Kingdom

Orwell does not in any way reflected in his novel the conflict a confrontation of Nations that in a simulated society would have to play an important role. In the real (our) society it became dominant. Two Chechen women complained her head at the rough treatment Russian (Voronezh) law enforcement officers. The reaction was such that the ladies immediately at the state level apologized. Now imagine the same situation Vice versa: two Voronezh women insulted the Chechens. Who to contact for help hurt? Who will cover? Weird to even think that someone will intercede for them. This story demonstrates who in the sausage Kingdom main.


Remember the allegorical song of Soviet times about a black cat who lives in a dark entrance, as in the estate? There are the words: “Catch us on parole, the pieces of sausage…”

Could be completed hastily organized visit of our President to France successfully, if all of the candidates in the French leaders he has chosen and welcomed marine Le Pen (she’s the race and lost). It is necessary to disentangle its unipolarity. But the hunt for pike was a success. As you like rovellasca country, where the most outstanding achievement of the information and the reason for the rapture for a long time getting caught pike? Not to recall and even stupid soldiers ‘ kitchen wisdom: “the Best fish is a sausage”. From anywhere we are no sausages to go. And still remember Alexander III, who said: “Let Europe wait until the king okushko catch.”

Price Luggage

What else underestimated Orwell? Some of the artistic imagery of him is not enough? But how to portray people olives (keep the product) — seeds, of which tight oil. Or pressed cake.

It would be understandable if the payment of the excess (tiny) cargo air carriers introduced on overseas flights said it would be about the desire to stimulate buying in the country: nothing imported, protected domestic producers.

Instead, you can’t buy a jar of honey in Bashkiria or tomatoes in the Crimea (the material would support local entrepreneurs).

What entered the crazy resort fee? People don’t need to rest? Let the work to the point of exhaustion? Just tear a powerless past. Squeeze — to full bescrovnoi. There is nothing to move, stay where you are! Not far off — nice our country serfdom.

The ability

Pathetic outlined in “1984” and foreign policy non-existent (but guessable) power! Must be able to build a foreign policy so far-sighted to arrange it so that no one anywhere in the country could not go — not because I don’t want to leave, but because everywhere in the world hate and fear you! In Surgut — the massacre in Balashikha — shootings in schools — hammers for the chops. Immersed in the middle ages, which drew in the novel “Hard to be God” Strugatsky brothers. Cut off the unwanted film and experimental theatre inquisitorial methods. For a biblical meal pass for 30 pieces of silver of their recent colleagues, the apostles. Put everywhere stuffed pathological tyrants. Run away from this nonsense! But where?

The twentieth century

The whole XX century Russia had a rest from God, from in-depth reflection on Paradise and Hellfire, about supernatural retribution. It was occupied exclusively materialist objectives — the executions, the invention of weapons, hunger and religion. After a rest, immersed in the mystique: there are (massively) the sorcerers % increases canonized saints, one after another, come the evidence on teleportation, about the occurrence. Again, not a meaningful attempt to understand the world order, and the superficial, simplistic path of least mental participation.

This “mistifitsiruya,” the savage society of the XXI century, too, could not have foreseen Orwell.

Business sausage

Reading referred to transcripts of wiretaps, such as the right to believe it was. Believe in the company, where referring to “you”, for tea with sausage, one close friend may extort a bribe from his good friend and another close friend could shove his best friend painted an indelible part of the setup.

Indelible triumph of law, one word. Indelible purity of relations. Indelibly honesty in the highest form!

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