In a terrible accident with a bus near Kaliningrad, 7 people were killed

On Friday evening on route Kaliningrad — Talpaki there was a terrible accident involving a minibus and the Mercedes car. Reported seven dead and six injured. Now the road is blocked. Arrived at the scene the chief of UMVD Igor Illarionov.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

According to the regional edition Клопс.Ru all the dead and injured were in the Shuttle van. In total there was 20 people. Of these, seven people were killed and at least six people were injured. Among them are the passengers with serious injuries.

In the SUV Mercedes were the driver, his wife and child. They were not injured.

In turn, the chief a press-services UMVD across the Kaliningrad region Svetlana Polanica said the Agency RIA “Novosti”, now the site works investigative team, went to the chief of UMVD Igor Illarionov.

According to preliminary data, one of participants of road accident has left on an oncoming lane and head-on collision occurred.

Now part of the road blocked, operational services organised a detour of a scene.

The representative of the regional Glaucus Ministry of emergency situations told the Interfax Agency that the bus “was heading from Kaliningrad in the region, performing illegal transportation”.

According to the MOE, the hospital was sent to seven people.

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