In Poland, the Ukrainians put on a chain because of the graffiti

In Warsaw, a young Ukrainian, who decided to paint the tram graffiti, infuriated members of the Metropolitan depot. They put the bully on the chain and forced to wash the drawings for nine hours.


The incident occurred in early September in Warsaw, says the Agency “Kharkiv”. Two young people slipped by night in a depot and drew graffiti on one of the trams. The vandals noticed drivers, and a fight ensued. One of the “artists” got out and ran, but the other – a citizen of Ukraine – managed to catch.

Staff depot decided to punish the bully, chained it with a chain to the car. And to completely discourage the desire to spoil the city property, a young man forced to wash the paint. As informs the Polish TV channel TVN24, artist spent on “public works” for about nine hours.

The press Secretary of the enterprise “Warsaw trams” reported that machinists for their actions will be subject to disciplinary action, but later it was reported that it limited educational conversation. Polish television has covered this incident in a separate report.

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