“Krasnodar” – “Zenit”: completed successfully chasing the leader

The leaders of the Russian football championship will find out the relationship between Krasnodar and Khimki Moscow will host the Derby, women’s volleyball team will take the first step towards the medals at the European Championships, Dmitry Kudryashov – to $ 50 million. About these and other events – in the traditional announcement of the sports weekend.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

The main event

Football. The Championship Of Russia. 11-th round

“Krasnodar” – “Zenit” (St. Petersburg). September 24. 19:00 (live broadcast on channel “Match TV”)

Sunday evening, the leaders of the championship of Russia will face each other in Krasnodar. Winning this match will allow other team to catch up with Petersburgers on points and to come out on top. However, this season Roberto Mancini has never felt the bitterness of defeat. “Krasnodar” on the eve of disappointed their fans with a departure from the Cup of Russia, so the victory over a formidable opponent will be a La fans the bulls a decent excuse failures in Tomsk.

Krasnodar club was eliminated from the Europa League, so long-distance can fresh competitors in struggle for a title of the champion of Russia. “Zenith” continues its performances in European competition and will have a day less rest compared to rivals in the upcoming match. However, the bench has blue-white – blue impressive and Mancini has more options for rotation. Head coach of “Krasnodar” Igor Shalimov can boast such a number of skilled players, as his Italian counterpart. But if the southerners will play with the same dedication as in the last round of the championship against “Anji” (5:1), they have a chance to win on Sunday, the coveted three points.

Besides the hosts and stats: three seasons in a row, “Zenit” can not take from Krasnodar victory, and last year lost twice, conceding in stoppage time. Completed with success the pursuit of “Krasnodar” for the leader, we’ll see on Sunday.

The shortlist

Football. The Championship Of Russia. 11-th round

“Dynamo” (Moscow) – “CSKA” (Moscow). September 23. 17:00 (live broadcast on channel “Match TV”)

On Wednesday, both the Moscow club disgracefully said goodbye to the Cup of Russia on the 1/16 finals. “Dynamo” was Bito in the penalty shoot-out “Spartak” from Nalchik from the third power of the Russian League (0:0, 2:4 on penalties), and CSKA in extra time conceded the only goal from the Kursk “Vanguard” (0:1).

But if the head coach of CSKA Viktor Gancharenko defeat in the Cup does not threaten, under the steering of “Dynamo” Yuri Kalytvyntsev chair wobbled. Rumor has it that in the near future it can take place Rashid Rakhimov. However, the management of “Dynamo” denies these rumors.

The upcoming match CSKA is a favorite: the team more balanced than the Dynamo, the results of recent meetings in the Champions League and the domestic League set up on positive lad.

Even a small clip of the performers while CSKA does not become a hindrance. The team has proven it can win on the back of fatigue.

Trump hosts on Saturday can only be the urgency to score points in a stalemate: “Dynamo” is only the 12th, and the leader of the blue and white Kirill Panchenko due to injury was sidelined for a long time. To retreat Dynamo nowhere. Is there anyone to attack?

“Rostov” – “The Locomotive” (Moscow). September 24. 16:30 (live on “Match TV”)

And “the locomotive” and “Rostov” claim to a high place this year, but are still in the shadow of the recognized leaders. Sunday on the river don, the “dark horse” will rush in the race for 3 points.

The hosts of the upcoming meeting after the successful start of the season in the last four rounds can’t win. But railroad workers still lack confidence. “Spartak and CSKA in this year “the locomotive” has beaten on a visit, and “Tosno” and “Amkar” has unexpectedly conceded on the home field.

The table Rostovites and railway workers share four points. Lokomotiv is third, and the victory will allow him to reduce backlog from “Zenith” and “Krasnodar”, because one of the two leaders are guaranteed to lose points in the upcoming round. For “Rostov” more relevant is the task to keep away the competitors in the fight for European place, among them Grozny, “Akhmad” and the terrible “ruby”, and the current champion of “Spartak”.

Football. The Championship Of Spain. 6-th round.

“Atletico” (Madrid) – “Sevilla”. September 23. 14:00

While real Madrid stumbled at the start of the Spanish national championship, the main persecutors of Barcelona declared itself “Seville” and “Atletiko”. Saturday’s match will be crucial for each team. And those and others do not hide ambitions: the main goal is to win the championship. Atlético has long proved that he is ready to compete and Madrid, and Barcelona. But Sevilla started confidently this year that confirms and fellow striker Luis Muriel. He said the Spanish press that his club will compete with the favorites.

Guests can take pride in this season for its defensive line: five rounds missed just one ball. Though the match against atlético will be the first serious test of the Seville defence – while rivals, they will calendar got clubs from the bottom half of the standings.

Professional Boxing. World Super Series. 1/4 finals

Dmitry Kudryashov – Yunier Dorticos. September 24. 04:30 (live on “Match TV”)

World Boxing super series is a new competition among boxers-professionals with a prize Fund of $ 50 million. The competition is held in two weight categories – the first heavy and second average weights. According to tournament rules, the winner of the battle takes place in the next round of the tournament, and the loser is eliminated.

The first season of the super series kicks off this weekend. In one of the quarterfinal fights meet mandatory Challenger for the title of world champion under version WBC Russian Dmitry Kudryashov and regular world champion by the WBA, Unier Cuban Dorticos.

In January and February next year semifinals. Finals will be held in may.

Volleyball. The Championship Of Europe. Women. Group stage

Russia – Ukraine. September 22. 14:30 (live on “Match TV”)

Turkey – Russia. September 23. 19:30 (live on “Match! Game”)

Friday kicks off the volleyball championship among women’s teams. The current winner of the continental championship – the Russian team will begin defense of the title with a game against team Ukraine.

Just before the beginning of tournament the head coach of our team was appointed to Konstantin Ushakov, who was succeeded by experienced Vladimir Kuzyutkin. According to the leaders of the Volleyball Federation of Russia, this replacement was planned, but the players were not aware of this reshuffle. Will it help our women to repeat the success of the men’s team became the best in Europe this year, or will become one of the causes of failure? To answer this question is possible only at the end of the team’s performance. And ahead of the group stage matches: Friday Ukrainian, Saturday with the Turkish team, and on Monday against the team of Bulgaria.

The long list

Football. The Championship Of France. 7th round

Lille – Monaco. September 22. 21:45 (live broadcast on channel “Match TV”)

Football. The Championship Of England. 6th round

“Southampton” – “Manchester United”. September 23. 17:00 (live broadcast on channel “Match! Football 1”)

Football. The Championship Of Germany. 6th round

Hoffenheim – Schalke. September 23. 16:30 (live on “Match! Football 3”)

“Borussia” (Dortmund) – “Borussia” (Monchengladbach). September 23. 19:30 (live on “Match! Football 3”)

Football. The Championship Of Spain. 6th tour.

Real Sociedad (San Sebastian) – “Valencia”. September 24. 21:45

Football. The Championship Of Italy. 6th tour.

Juventus (Torino) – Torino (Turin). September 23. 21:45 (live broadcast on channel “Match! Football 2”)

“Sampdoria” (Genoa) – “Milan”. September 24. 13:30 (live on “Match TV”)

Football. FNL.

“Yenisei” (Krasnoyarsk) – “Wings Of Soviets” (Samara). September 24. 13:00 (live broadcast on channel “Match! Game”)

Hockey. KHL. The regular season.

“The Metallurgist” (Magnitogorsk) – “Salavat Yulaev” (Ufa). September 22. 17:00 (live broadcast on channel “Match TV”)

Avangard (Omsk) – “The Locomotive” (Yaroslavl). September 23. 14:00 (live broadcast on channel “KHL”)

Volleyball. Superleague. Men. 3rd round

“Belogore” (Belgorod) – “Zenit SPb” (St.-Petersburg). September 22. 19:00 (live broadcast on channel “Match! Our sport”)

“Zenit-Kazan” – “The Locomotive” (Novosibirsk). September 23. 18:00 (live broadcast on channel “Match! Our sport”)

Mixed martial arts. M-1 Challenge.

M. Ragozin – B. Halsey. A. Nevzorov – doctor of Davella September 23. 17:00 (live broadcast on channel “Match! The fighter”)

Handball. Champions League. Men.

“Chekhovian bears” (Russia) – Montpellier (France). September 23. 16:00 (live broadcast on channel “Match! Our sport”)

Tennis. ATP. “St. Petersburg Open”.

Finals. September 24. 14:00 (live broadcast on channel “Match! Arena”)

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