Medalist in rowing Anastasia Korabelshikov won the case because of doping

Unjustly accused of doping, the bronze medallist in rowing Anastasia Korabelshikov by Themis defended its honor professional athletes. The other day the Zamoskvoretsky court of Moscow partially satisfied its claim to the site “”.


As it became known “MK”, Anastasia’s indignation caused one of the articles, published on 25 July last year on the sports portal, under the heading: “Under the gun. Olympics 2016… “Trimetazidine, 2007. Two – year ban and then for testing on the world Cup in 2007 wiped out many…”. The material was dedicated to banned drugs, which, in the opinion of the International Olympic Committee, was attended by Russian athletes. According to the authors of the blog, Korabelshikov was disqualified for two years because she was caught doping. However, the athlete was in a root do not agree with the facts of his sporting career. Disqualification, she explained different reasons.

By decision of the FISA ( international rowing Federation) I was suspended for two years, but not for the use of illegal drugs, and due to the fact that the team doctors did the athletes during training dripper with vitamins, which, as it turned out later, it was banned. Therefore, the main reason for my disqualification — use of prohibited methods of receiving and not receiving illegal drugs. The drug Trimetazidine, which is referred to in his article, the defendant, was banned only in 2014, explained his position champion.

To clear his name, Korabelshikov was forced to appeal for help to the arbiters of justice. The plaintiff demanded compensation for moral damages, which it estimated at 1 million rubles, and to refute inaccurate information.

– We are asked to reject the suit. Since we are not media — information we are not obliged to check, – said the “MK” representative of the portal “” Anastasia Zhukova.

As a result, the scales of Themis leaned to the side of Korabelshikov.

– The Zamoskvoretsky district court decided to accept data on drug untrue and discrediting the honor and dignity and to refute them. Also in favor of the plaintiff was awarded 10 thousand rubles, reported “MK” the press-the court Secretary Emilia Gil.

Help “MK”

Anastasia Korabelshikov in 2013 he won bronze at the European Championships in Seville, and two years later, at the European Championships in poznań, she managed to take “gold”. In addition, Korabelshikov is the champion of the Universiade 2013.

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