“Proclaimed by the Kurdish Federation in Northern Syria began elections

– The self-declared Syrian Kurdish Democratic Federation of Northern Syria (Rozhava) on Friday for the first time, like municipal elections.

According to reports Kurdish media, the polls in the cities and regions of Northern Syria opened up views at Friday morning, and thousands of citizens Rozhava went to vote in the election of co-chairmen of communes. A total of over 12 thousand candidates has submitted their applications for the post of co-chairs 3.7 thousand communes, specify local mass media.

Syrian Kurds proclaimed the Federation of Northern Syria, comprising three regions or cantons of Jazeera, Afrin and the Euphrates in March 2016. Damascus does not recognize the creation of a Kurdish region.

The current election is only the first of three phases, which must be formed by the legislative and Executive administratin all of the Kurdish territories in Syria. So, November 3, in Syrian Kurdistan elections of local governments – rural, urban, regional and district Councils. 19 January 2018 parliamentary elections.

As reported earlier, the “Interfax” the President of the Russian society of cooperation and solidarity with the Kurdish people, Yuri Nabiyev, the activity of the Kurds in Syria will have a significant impact on postwar political processes in the country.

“The Kurds are trying to acquire a legitimate status in order to achieve recognition on the part of Damascus, as well as international players, – said the expert.

He noted that from both official Damascus and the Syrian opposition, there are fears that Syrian Kurds, beginning with the election, take a course to independence. “In fact, the Kurds of Syria do not aspire to such a goal. They would suit perfectly Autonomous status in the Syrian state,” said Nabiyev.

However, he believes that the holding of elections at various levels may persuade the ruling regime in Syria to change its attitude towards the Kurds.

“The electoral processes, starting 22 September, will allow to receive from the Kurdish people’s mandate, which will have to be considered. In addition, the Syrian Kurds is a well organized armed force numbering about 50 thousand fighters. It is also impossible to ignore,” – said the expert.

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