Scientists told how the Sun was saved Mars, severing the tail of the comet

In October 2014, close to us there was a unique cosmic phenomenon. Comet Siding spring approached Mars at a distance less than the distance of the moon from the Earth, and actually flew through the red planet. The meeting could end with a disaster on a planetary scale, but in the case there is a third wheel.


In early 2013, the Australian astronomers from the Observatory Siding spring discovered comet C/2013 A1, which as then believed, could “meet up” with Mars, and who knows where it would end. After a year and a half, the comet reached the closest neighbor of the Earth and passed at the distance of just 105 thousand kilometers, which is three times less than the distance from us to the moon. The tail of a comet “walked” on Mars.

“Mars is literally dived in the gas tail of the comet for a few hours,” said astronomer from the University of Leicester Beatriz sánchez-Cano for planetological EPSC conference in Riga.

However, the planet was saved virtually at the last moment, stepped in the Sun. “This holiday life ruined solar flare that hit Mars in a few hours prior to this meeting,” – said the scientist.

As a result of coronary ejection almost broke off the comet’s tail and saved the planet. However, astronomers are not too happy is not allowed scientists to study the comet, and made it impossible to observe the rare phenomenon.

In the Solar system, there are many other already-studied celestial bodies, often approaching as close as possible to the Ground. So, the comet swift-Tuttle is moving closer to us once in 135 years, and still the threat of a collision was minimal. However, according to some astronomers, if the same Jupiter, the largest planet in the Solar system, the comet will give a gravitational boost, the consequences can be unpredictable. It can change your route forever to fly to deep space, to take a course in the Sun or head straight to the Ground.

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