The German “Fox” took over the Russian basketball players

The Executive Committee of the Russian basketball Federation confirmed as the head coach of the female national team, the candidacy of German Olaf Lange. His name is well known to all those who watches the game at club level in Russia. Specialist been working in the strongest club of the country — UMMC Ekaterinburg of Sverdlovsk region.

Photo: Pavel Sergeev.

He’s not the first foreigner at the helm of the national team of Russia. Short time the team was led by Lithuanian Alfredas, Vainauskas, but — unsuccessfully. Then I managed to work two well-known Russian expert, but no, Anatoly Myshkin, Alexander Vasin, no, that is, does not matter. Rio at Games the team failed to reach the European championship 2017 this summer has been satisfactory for the team score (9th place) and by the defeat at the world championship next year. Therefore, the Olympic campaign for Evgenia Belyakova and Co will be incredibly difficult.

UMMC methodically Lange has won 5 titles of the championship of Russia, twice the Euroleague and the European super Cup. The only in the country of the rival “foxes” as they are called in Russia, for the color of the form and logo – Dynamo Kursk. 45-year-old Lange will combine both posts that in basketball, unlike football or hockey, almost never in dispute. Major tournaments at the level of teams never “whipped” with the club, and qualifying matches will occur during “Windows”. Director of BC UMMC Maxim Ryabkov acknowledged that will be difficult, but welcomed the scheme.

The German coach also worked with the national team of his country, but he admitted that his goal, to get to the Olympic tournament, not really believed. So wanted to head the Russian national team. Two “foxes” in the national team is a strategic position is the primary point guard Elena beglova and the shooting guard (sometimes small forward), and the captain Belyakov.

The first collection will start on November 6. The number 11 team will play on departure with a command of Albania the first meeting of the qualifying tournament of Eurobasket 2019. Through the Championships, the girls will try to qualify for the Olympics in 2020.


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