“Two refugee on the steps of the Parliament of Finland-inflicted stab wounds

In Finland Friday, two refugee pointedly self-inflicted stab wounds in front of the Parliament building.

As reported by the online Yle, the head of the security service of the Parliament Jukka Savola (Jukka Savola), “two young men of foreign origin sat down on the steps of the Parliament building and after a brief conversation, both self-inflicted stab wounds, apparently in the stomach”.

The ambulance took away the injured to hospital.

“We are just at this time began the meeting, and there was a certain movement of people, but no one was in danger and none of these individuals did not threaten anyone. The Parliament also received advance warning about the incident,” – said Savola.

He noted that both were in possession of temporary identity card issued by the reception centre for refugees, but the police have not yet disclosed the nationality of the men.

A similar incident occurred in front of Parliament, about twenty years ago, reminded of Savola. According to Yle, the police at the moment, not considering the incident as a crime.

According to law enforcement, around the same time in Finland the Kurds were going to hold a rally, but the police has no information that these two events could be linked.

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