Dynamo and CSKA Moscow goals scored: online stream Derby

CSKA Moscow on Saturday waiting for another capital Derby against Dynamo. “White-blue” will take on its “Arena-Khimki” and CSKA will try to score in this match more points.

photo: Evgeny Semenov

One of the most boring Derby today was played. The army had failed to break the resistance of “white-blue”. And chances are they had some. So, the result is natural. Now CSKA and its fans will have a tough test in the person “Manchester United”.

90+3′ All. A goalless draw with us.

90+1′ Two minutes added to the second half.

90′ Substitution at CSKA last. Left Vasily Berezutsky. Out Georgi Milanov.

90′ laid siege to the CSKA penalty area of “Dynamo”! But the flow and the shocks still lead to nothing.

89′ for vitinho, great shot! But it came at the hands Shuninu again.

87′ Substitution once in the match. “Dynamo” Zotov went on the field instead of Beqiraj.

86′ Does not end a series of standard provisions the penalty CSKA.

84′ Two consecutive violations of the rules in his own penalty allowed CSKA. The second time Semenikov tried on the right flank of defense. Thiam he was hit.

83′ second yellow card in the match. For vitinho, Lutsenko was hit on the left flank of defense.

82′ corner, but failed. But the Dynamo went on the attack. In the end, Lutsenko received the ball in the penalty area and shot, but was caught offside.

81′ Great counterattack “Dynamo”. Beqiraj developed the attack penalty Akinfeev. Flow to the right of the partner, and Lutsenko was ready to close, but Nababkin knocked the ball away for a corner.

80′ looks Like Golovin a loss for CSKA effect is stronger than the lack of Panchenko Dynamo.

77′ the teams Exchanged sharp attacks. First, for vitinho shot from outside the penalty area – the ball ricocheted off the defender and into the hands Shuninu. In response to the attack Lutsenko, who had replaced Wánderson, sweep along the gate Akinfeev. But failed.

75′ the Army now began continually to break the rules in the attack. Moments like the commentators, just slightly. But the judge Nikolaev has consistently taken the side of the Dynamo.

71′ Chalov pushed his ball to the front left, turned around and tried to shoot, but hit the defender.

70′ and now Dzagoev has a shot from distance. The ball landed in the hands of Shuninu. CSKA crushes, but yet to do dangerous things does not reach almost.

68′ Chalov on the move came into play. He struck after a corner, but the ball softly landed in the hands of Shuninu.

66′ Second substitution at CSKA. Fyodor Emerged Chalov. Left Natcho. The attack plays Goncharenko.

65′ Another attempt of CSKA to score. For vitinho dropped the ball with his chest after a pass from the partner to the right. Shot of Zhamaletdinov, but the ball went above the gate.

63′ Four consecutive corners were filed by the army. But never normally on target they struck. In a counterattack fled to the end of the Dynamo, but the rules stopped their players in midfield.

61′ Dangerous! The perfect combination was performed with the participation of Zamaletdinova. Timur dragged the ball into the box, wrestled with the defender and gave a pass with the heel to the front under attack for vitinho. The Brazilian took a shot but the ball went just over the crossbar. And angular appointed judge.

58′ the Army in the second half more active than the opponent look. But the possibility is still there. Reliably operate on the outskirts of the penalty area Dynamo.

55′ Offside! The offside took the ball of Zhamaletdinov. And dangerous moment.

50′ Nababkin was trying to break through on goal but his shot missed the ball slightly touched the top when submitting from the partner.

46′ the Second half started.

Derby began to wonder – with two-edged attacks. However then injured Fernandez, and after that attack the army somehow faded. However, Dynamo is also slowed down. Probably, the opponents left hand in the second half.

45+2′ Nababkin deduced Zamaletdinova to the gate. But Timur did not have time to close the transfer. All. Break.

45+1′ Two minutes added to the match. Boring the meeting is held.

44′ Another corner of the army did not succeed.

43′ a Lot of misplaced passes on the field. CSKA in this plan are not happy. “MJ” this game will not go.

40′ and here for vitinho, now struck with right away with 25. The ball was much above the gate.

38′ Zhamaletdinov got the ball in the penalty area and was ready to shoot, but it disarmed the defender.

34′ Dzagoev gets in the fall from outside the penalty area. But the ball in his hands Shuninu rode.

33′ Corner submitted Sosnin, but CSKA quite easily repulsed.

30′ Yes, Nababkin replaced Fernandez.

27′ Well, what of that! Fernandez is leaving the field CSKA. The injury he received. Surely with “Manchester United” he will miss the match?

25′ On a collision course we is a match. Fun. Although things dangerous not seen.

21′ Nice to play Dynamo now. Now, Anderson picked up the ball and fired from outside the penalty area. But the ball went wide.

19′ immediately Nath loaded again from afar. Win win and then was able to lay the ball.

18′ But there is already Beqiraj was in the correct position! But this time missed the target. The goats circled the two players in midfield, gave the ball to the left flank, from there, his partner Paz found in the penalty Fatos. He got the ball and shot from the left but just over the crossbar. Well there is a game at “it is white-blue”.

15′ Goal! Though not counted. Beqiraj nodded in submission of the LDS. However, the replay shows as he climbed the Montenegrin flagged for offside.

14′ Sennikova gave the ball to get Kozlov in the penalty box. And could leave George alone…

12′ Wow! Nath continues his long-range experiments. Now he is back in touch and curled the ball from the right flank in the opposite corner Dynamo. In the end, the game had to come Shuninu, who turned the ball away for a corner. The corner, but without success.

10′ and here the goats were shot from outside the box. The crossbar, bounced the ball.

8′ That was a good attack from Dynamo. Submission from the right flank from Kozlov, and Sosnin in the fall through in the penalty area and tried to shoot. But the ball did not hit, but knocked himself out head on the lawn. He helped his doctors now.

6′ CSKA Cross from the right flank into the penalty area, but there Thiam, discourages the area.

3′ Now attack the Dynamo. But it turns out they are clearly worse than the team, Goncharenko.

1′ And on the first minutes shot on goal his shot missed! This is Natcho struck in touch from outside the penalty area on the fly. The ball went wide of the left rack of gate “the Dynamo”.

1′ let’s Go! Alexey Nikolaev gave the starting whistle.

– Here are the starting lineups.

“Dynamo”: Shunin, Terekhov, Goats, Sonic, Holmen, Sosnin, Temnikov, Sow, Thiam, Wánderson, Beqiraj.

CSKA: Akinfeev, A. Berezutsky, V. Berezutsky, Ignashevich, Schennikov, Fernandez, Wernbloom, Natcho, Dzagoev, for vitinho, Zamaletdinov.

– Good afternoon, dear fans of football. Welcome to the Moscow Derby. This time, meet the capital’s “Dynamo” and CSKA. Both teams just got knocked out of the Cup of Russia. But problems in the domestic League that does not change.

Part in the match will not be able to take the leaders of both teams. “Dynamo” for a long time out due to injury Kirill Panchenko. The army team due to suspension will not be able to play Alexander Golovin.

Don’t forget that CSKA next week waiting for an incredibly difficult game against “Manchester United” in the Champions League. Therefore it is interesting to see how many forces will make wards Victor Goncharenko in Saturday’s match against Yuriy Kalitvintsev has.

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