“In the case of an attack of poisonous liquid in London arrested a teenager

Six people were injured in a London shopping center over spilt milk there on the evening of September 23, toxic substances, reports The Guardian. Three people hospitalized.

On suspicion in Commission of this crime it was detained 15-the summer teenager.

According to the publication, dangerous substance fell on people during a dispute between two groups of young people. Witnesses say that one of the victims of young people screamed in pain, and his friends called for help, claiming that their friend poured acid.

In Scotland Yard stressed that it was not inclined to consider the incident a terrorist attack.

The Guardian recalls that in recent months in the UK, the cases of attacks using acids and other toxic substances: the number of such attacks increased more than twice in the last three years. In this context the country increasingly demand make the laws tougher would control the sale of poisonous substances.

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