Minister of revenue DNR undermined due to a good harvest of vegetables: the customers are known

Minister of revenues and duties DND Alexander Timofeev, who on Saturday in Donetsk, was assassinated, he called those who could make the undermining of his car. According to him, it was the work of Ukrainian sabotage and reconnaissance groups.

Photo: Press.mgw.

Hitherto DRG hunted only for the iconic faces of the DNI: for example, the battalion commander and the leader of the people’s Republic of Alexander Zakharchenko. On October 16 in the Elevator of her home was undermined by the commander of the division “Sparta” Arsen Pavlov (Motorola), February 8, in his office shot from a flame thrower “bumblebee” was killed by his friend, the battalion “Somalia” Mikhail Tolstoy (Givi). Zakharchenko also attempted at least five times. Attempted to contact group members in the negotiations under the Minsk Agreements, Denis Pushilin, the Ombudsman DND Daria Morozova. But the Ministers remained outside the interests of terrorists.

On Saturday local TV aired a story in which the Minister of revenue and duties can boast a good crop. According to Timofeev, the blockade declared by Ukraine helped the country to increase the production of our own agricultural produce. At the end of the report the Minister has sent a message to the “terrorist state of Ukraine” – “not wait”. And a few hours later his car blew up.

Machine Alexander Timofeev was blown up on Saturday at 8.30 am in the centre of the city – away from the street Ulrich on the prospect of Peace. And there were two explosions: on the air soared not only Ministerial Lexus, but the car guard. About the preliminary version, the explosive device planted under the bottom, was detonated remotely. 8 people suffered. Sam Timofeev received a severe contusion. But, as stated by the press service of the Ministry after some time, he remained “alive and well”.

Call several versions of the assassination attempt of saboteurs to the person of the Minister of income and charges could be brought after the commencement of the company for re-registration of Ukrainian property in the territory of the DNI, which is the head of the people’s republics announced after the Declaration of Ukraine’s full transport and trade blockade of the DNI and LC. It is therefore possible that the Minister “ordered” not just for ideological reasons, but out of revenge for their lost assets. Although the ideological background can take place: Alexander Timofeev before to join the government of the DNI, was a militiaman with the call sign “Sasha Tashkent”. He led a fighting unit “Oplot”, including those which participated in the battle for the Donetsk airport. In September – October 2014 was just the hottest battle for “air harbour”.

In the Republic, meanwhile, once again ask the question: why Ukrainian DRG so feel at ease in Donetsk? Where to watch dnrovskie intelligence agencies? Even though such special, as Alexander Khodakovsky admits that to calculate the DRG in the city is very difficult. “…Late in the evening talking about the effectiveness in the current circumstances, the traditional methods of protection, and I the first time has said that the anti-bomb or “monkey” personal protection will not help, will only die in vain…” – he wrote on his page.

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