Parents are required to install lockers for students in each school

In foreign films about the school, we often see the students folding clothes and textbooks on a convenient personal lockers. The majority of Russian students about this can only dream about. Our children are more like ants that are dragging a big Luggage. A set of textbooks and notebooks, weighty pencil box, folder for work, smenka and form for physical education — not a complete list of what regularly have to wear to school. Every day we see students in the streets with a huge backpack, and even a couple of packages in his hands…

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

— My backpack with textbooks, notebooks, pencil case and the necessary little stuff, such as the phone, mirror, wipes and spare tights, weighs more than 5 kg, — says the student of 7 th grade of a Moscow school. — My classmate this summer, I had a back injury due to which she cannot carry a weight more than 3 kg within a few months.

In addition to the very heavy weight backpack, parents of students, especially elementary school students, complain about the constant missing items from the locker room. — Last year we lost a dear of winter shoes, and this year we have managed to get the hat. Sometimes things are a few days later in other locker rooms or on the floor in the hallway, sometimes disappear. All our requests to equip the lockers at least for elementary school administration shrugs, referring to the lack of space. Normal locker room we have and in the gym, it turns out, in the XXI century, and in schools continues to reign chaos and the middle ages.

Another student of a city school said that early in the school each student had a personal locker. However, a few years ago, the cabinets are dismantled and replaced in the locker rooms with the usual hooks. Children teachers explained the expulsion of the lockers with the requirements of fire safety. Supposedly the books which kept the children, are easily ignited and can burn Alma mater. According to unofficial versions, lockers were removed due to the fact that the children were left half-eaten food that had begun to rot and to stink. Can schools old buildings to install lockers for personal belongings, whether they are in new schools and how else can you solve the problem with the storage of children’s clothes and books, we found out the Directors of the Moscow schools.

Director of school №1637 Natalia Zueva: “New schools have individual lockers lockers for children. And I agree that it is very convenient. Modern school buildings have large areas, that allows to individualize the storage of personal belongings. Buildings of old schools to do it is problematic. Narrow hallways and entrances. But many managers zoned the old locker rooms and equip them with individual lockers for elementary school. And in some schools even this is impossible. After all, the cabinets should be at a comfortable height for each child. There are options when primary school students can pick up packages with interchangeable shoes and sports clothes to class”.

Director of school №2048 Stanislaus Burobina: “Individual locker for each child a good idea of the organization of personal space each pupil in our school is not yet implemented. From parents this academic year had not received a request for the installation of individual lockers, as at the design stage in our school was provided a large room under the locker rooms, where guys can leave their personal belongings and form for physical culture and sports. Moscow schools have complete financial freedom. Sure, each Director, received an order from parents agreeing with the decision ruled by the Council will be able to provide individual lockers for each student. We already thought on the installation of personal lockers and, given the current technical capabilities of our school, decided to tie the card “Mosquino” to the e-locker that will allow us to create an internal security system, and locker child will access using individual card “passage and power”.

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