“Save, don’t know what to do”: the incredible adventures of Moldavian behind bars

Three years ago in Moscow the gang of robbers robbed — by accident or someone’s crafty tip — the home of the General of FSB of Russia Umar Janalieva. Stole money, valuables, and a premium gun — a lot of things… a couple of years of the alleged robbers and their leader Nikola Grecu was detained. And then began the real criminal detective with all its attributes — the chase, kidnappings, torture, etc.

In jail to the Moldovan, he said, regularly frequented by the General himself. And demanded that the Greek was back… allegedly stolen during a RAID medal “gold Star” of Hero of Russia, which Hanalyev received from the hands of the President in 1996, for the destruction of a militant leader Dzhokhar Dudayev. However, it should immediately make a reservation: the list of stolen there is only “trunk”, but awards no.

Friends, to rescue the Greek, brought almost to the gates “Lefortovo” the stolen medal, but as it turned out, wrong! And whether she was missing? If we are talking about banal extortion?

Meanwhile, with the Greek behind bars the most incredible things. And this article may save you from the horror him and his family.

Photo: melikov-gold.ru.

One star for the two heroes

In this story the two main characters, each of which deserves to be introduced separately.

So, 39 year old Nikola Greek has Greek roots and dual citizenship — Romanian and Moldovan. Married, newly born daughter. Assures that arrived in Moscow to create a construction company. In General, the usual Moldovan businessman-Builder (though officially he has no UI, nor do some of the work).

Investigators at the expense of the Greek other version: Nikola allegedly formed a gang (to date, he is charged with including article 209 of the criminal code “Banditry”), which was engaged in armed attacks on the homes of the rich and took away all valuable property. And the gang was operating on the ruble, and in other elite areas of Moscow and Moscow region.

He’s a good guy, stands up for the mother-in-law Nicola. — Wouldn’t hurt a fly. On the contrary, he always helped everybody. He likes to say that he grew up poor, because he wants to improve the lives of the poor. In recent years he was a patron of the arts.

Residents of small Moldovan villages do acknowledge that Greeks helped many people. But one does not exclude the other. Yes, and how many we know cases when the mouth of loved ones, even the scoundrel was described as the lamb of God.

Date of birth Umar Pasha Janalieva not found in any of the documents. General information about it — at least. It is not a coincidence: he’s an active member of the Central apparatus of the FSB of Russia.

It is known that in 90 years of Hanalyev was Deputy head of the Khasavyurt district Department of the FSB. And he showed a special talent: introducing agents among the Chechen fighters. Well, for the liquidation of the illegally elected President of Chechnya Dzhokhar Dudayev was awarded the title of Hero of Russia. Thus he became the first Chechen, which has received this highest award for feats in the great Patriotic war. So you can imagine how valuable this award for him. With the title to every Hero of Russia awarded the medal “gold Star”. Here Hanalyev got it, and in the distant 1996.

Hero Of Russia, Umar Hanalyev. Photo: gov.cap.ru.


In the hierarchy of state awards the title of Hero of Russia is in the first place. It is awarded for a heroic deed. That there is only one fact: in the case of assigning the face of the title hero of the Russian Federation and the title of Hero of labour of the Russian Federation in his homeland on the basis of the decree of the President of the Russian Federation is established the bronze bust. Just today the title of Hero of Russia has received 1051 people.

According to some, Hanalyev participated in the capture of another infamous Chechen terrorist Salman Raduev and generally participated in many counter-terrorism operations, which were also awarded. But the Star of the Hero — above it there is nothing.

Rode Greek across the river…

Grecu was detained according to him, 18 Oct 2016 (officially, according to the documents, he was arrested on 23 February and where he was five days, neither the police nor the Prosecutor’s office could not explain).

— I went with a friend to buy cigarettes, says Nicola. — It was in the district of Butovo. Near the shop was a van, jumped out of the masked men grabbed me. Mine, I wrapped Scotch tape, so I didn’t see where we’re going. Drove four hours, then went down to some basement where I was tied hands and feet to the pipe. Tore off my clothes. Five days I was not allowed to eat or drink. Electrocuted — wires were attached to the ears and even to the penis. Remained still the scars. Said I was a robber, robbed the apartment. Sounded phrase: “You have come to the very serious people at the wrong time, wrong place.” When I first offered to admit that I took a reward, the gun and the money in the General, and all him to return. They say that we — I and some of my cronies — stole two bags of money from the boss by the name Averin (possibly refers to one of the leaders of Solntsevo. — E. M.). They encouraged me to talk about these two robberies — General and authority — on video. On camera I did not speak, then I was still beaten, taken to the police station, was charged with robbery and then placed in a detention center of Lobnya. It was already 23.

The Suspect Nikola Greek. Photo: a frame from the video

Response to attorney’s request: “Grecu was detained in the detention center of Lobnya. At admission was identified injuries: on the right and left side bruises, burn marks on right ear, right thumb, left leg… Pain in my kidneys, in the groin area…

Acting head of Department of internal Affairs on the city district Lobnya Sergei Semykin”.

Then the Greeks got really bad, and he was in the hospital “sailor’s Silence”. From there, the lawyer came the official answer: his client has a closed craniocerebral injury.

Meanwhile, episodes of looting in the case against the Greek all add up. The lawyer says Hope Anikin.

— Only in the case involving 13 people, among them there are those who testified to Greek as the leader. He allegedly developed the plan, chose the time and place of the attack. The episode with the General in official documents nothing is said about the kidnapping of a Star Character, only on different jewelry, things, money and a gun. That is evidence of loss of Stars there. Maybe no one took? But with the Greek it all the time demanded.

From the resolution on bringing the accused: “About 2 hours 30 minutes from 16 to 17 may 2014 the Greek N. together with Crihana, Stitch, mokan illegally through the open emergency door entered the house at the address: Moscow region, Odintsovo district… (the address is at the disposal of edition. — E. M.). All members of the illegal attacks using pre-made Greek a ladder over the fence, entered the territory of the house, and put on his head a prepared mask and hand gloves. Using a subject similar to a pistol with a silencer, threatening violence, dangerous for life and health Janalieva W. Y., Janalieva P. A., Hanalyev N.., seized property Janalieva Y. U. for a total amount of 900 000, and a premium weapon with a Makarov pistol. No. … 1989 release with 8 bullets in the clip”.

In my birthday, April 5, Greek was unexpectedly transferred to Lefortovo. Simple robber, identified in jail, where you are only the terrorists, governors and other untried high grade?! This is an amazing case!

Nikola Greek wife. He has no idea what cover hit, being behind bars.

In “Lefortovo” at first I was alone in my cell, had no connection with loved ones, writing did not occur to me, says the Greek. — I was on a hunger strike, not eating for 12 days, tried to hang himself with a sheet. I was then transferred to a cell with two Chechens who identified themselves as former members of. They said: “We will help you, Allah loves you. We find the General.” And now, after a few days they say: “if we found, he wants the Star and the gun. Give and it will be released. We can arrange a meeting.” Anyway, the meeting really was. The conversation was quite helpful. My interlocutor said something like: “I am grateful that you want to bring back a Star.”

Nikola, in his words, were taken from jail to a bridge across the river, he dropped the gun.

— I had to specify the place to throw back the stone, says the Greek. — Still, the victim wanted me and his home was taken, but the convoy commander of the detention center opposed, he said, saying that even though you General, but it is illegal. Somehow uncle Omar — he asked to call him, was sure that he saw during the robbery me that I threatened him with a gun. But in my youth, right hand crippled. I would not be able to hold a gun like he did. Omar asked: “Who brought upon my house? You understand that you insulted me, humiliated?”. As I understand it, all these meetings and me shipments were illegal. They are not a lawyer and nothing was fixed.

Were these meetings generally? At least officially in jail to confirm the fact of export of Greek somewhere in the bridge are unable.

A quote from the official answer of the head of Lefortovo to the attorney’s request: “During his detention the Greek by written instructions of the investigator and the court to the place of investigative actions on the territory of the detention facility is not displayed. The convoy for delivery to the destination was not transferred”.

But note the clause: “according to the written instructions of the investigator and the court,” “the convoy was not provided”. That is, in the detention center confirmed that officially to the Greek hasn’t left the infirmary.

All my friends and familiar looking Star. Finally found. I called from jail his wife said, “Honey, let him bring her to the airport.” They came, gave. On the second day, Omar again visit me with words, saying, I am not sure that this is his reward. “There are no rooms”. The Star was indeed filed off serial number.

Dead Dudayev. For the organization of elimination of terrorist Hanalyev received a Star.

High ransom for the highest award

First call from “Lefortovo” from If was on the eve of may 1, says his wife. — Picked up the man who had the General Janalieva, and said that if I value the life of her husband, the Star needs to be back until may 9th. I begged him to spare Nikola.

We got lost on foot in search of rewards. Found. Brought to Moscow on 5 may. Organized the transfer of in the cafe “Shokoladnitsa” at the metro station “Profsoyuznaya”. But the man submitted Janalieva said then that this is not the award. I recorded our conversation with him.


Voice with the Chechen accent:

— This is not the Star.

The Voice Of Irina Grecu:

— This man who gave you the Star, said that hundred per cent sure what it is.

Voice with the Chechen accent:

— No.


— I ask for more time. Maybe with Nicholas to talk again or you may be criteria I would say some others. Because at the moment I don’t know where to start looking.


Tomorrow will pick you.

In the chamber two Chechens, according to the Greek, began to say that if the Stars no, you need a compensation of 600 thousand euros. Explained to him what prison not one complaint will come that he will rot. “There is the grave, pit” — so, according to him, they said. Lawyer Anikin was able to get to it in “Lefortovo” only a month and a half.

In the PMC asked the relatives of Nicholas the Greek, — the member of Public monitoring Committee Kogershin Sagiyeva. — They have with no communication, they didn’t understand what was happening. It seemed to us that the prison administration is hiding Nikola from us for a long time we could not see. And then it turned out that he was right before our visit brought all the letters which he had received. We’ve seen Chechens, with whom he was sitting. Nicola then on what did not complain, was as inhibited.

The Greek called to Moscow to his brother Ivan who lives in Ireland to help with the solution to the money issue. Ivan decorated two plots of land in Russia, and Nicola was hoping he will sell them. May 23, Ivan met a man who introduced himself as General Janalieva. At least John says: judging by the picture on the Internet, the General and the man with whom he talked in the restaurant — one person. The man handed a note from Kolya (have edition). Hand written Greek, there is no doubt from loved ones.

“John, dear! What I told you about a land phone… the Ground give the person you indicate. The money and the land… solved, so I was released. Vanya, I’m uncle Omar needs 600 thousand euros. My dear, we have to return the money to uncle Omar”.

According to the Greek, he threatened that if the money is not there, the brother will be in the “Lefortovo”. In one of the telephone conversations with his brother Nicola in Romanian to him about it, hinted. Ivan was frightened and flew back to Ireland. But the Greeks took a new receipt — of duty in the amount of 1 million 400 thousand euros.

Treatment family to the Commissioner for human rights, in other instances nothing. But Greek, thank God, was transferred to prison No. 4. And do not believe it, but then visited him those two Chechens, who were sitting with him in “Lefortovo”. The meeting took place in the gym where Nicola was taken.

And it all started over again: demanding money, threatening that I would die from some poisons, says the Greek. Save me. I don’t know what to do. Half a million euros I do not find anywhere else.

As in any detective, in the case of Greek—Hanalyev there are several versions. First: Moldovan — a banal gangster story with a Star Hero, torture and all sorts of conspiracy theories invented to create the image of the victim and — who knows — to escape from prison.

A letter pleading, Nikola Greek to his brother.

Second: the events developed according to the principle “the thief stole a stick”. The Greek was the victim of a skilled con man who, on behalf of the FSB General was trying to breed the prisoner for money. Such cases happen more than once.

Third: the story of a Greek and his family is true. And the version we like the least. After all, if a respected man, a Hero of Russia, is presented to society… well, to put it mildly, in a very bad way.

— If the son-in-law guilty, let him judge according to Russian law, not the law of the mountains, — tells mother-in-law to the Greek, by the way, once worked in the court. — As in a legal country to prevent this happened? Why the head of your jail allow this? Why Nicola called loved ones from jail and talked about Star and money? Why the camera starts taking some of the Chechens, which are then held in any detention facility? A lot of questions.

We have, alas, no answers. Maybe high person to answer them?

In this story we can understand all of her characters. Imagine yourself in the place of a famous General, a hero whose house was surrounded by some Moldovan burglar. It’s a shame, who can argue. But there is something heroic in the fact that the call threatening the wife of a prisoner, or to take cash receipts? Represent itself, and to the Greek, which instead of a normal trial, subjected to abuse and extortion. And this in a country long been a signatory to the Convention against torture. We have to decide: we live by secular laws, under Sharia law, or even just “concepts”?

Please consider this article an official appeal to the Director of FSB of Russia Alexander Bortnikov. Ask for an official investigation and to protect the foreign citizen Nikola Greek from torture and extortion.

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