Spartak: Massimo Carrera was ready to attack the headquarters

On the basis of “Spartacus” in the village before the match with “Anji” held a press conference. Massimo Carrera and Andrey Yeshchenko talked to reporters.

photo: Evgeny Semenov

Near the base of “Spartacus” in Tarasovka, in one of the garages aboriginal guests red-and-white meets the image of Nikolai Starostin, next to the inscription: he sees everything. Probably, Nikolay Petrovich someone is not attracted to the part of the poster, which was supposed to be the face of the great Spartacus, out of touch.

Maybe it’s a symbol of the fact that the team as it looks from the outside, a lot of controversy, the team is better but the shakes and just not see it? In the hall for press-conferences the head coach Carrera will say he did not push the blame on the players after the failure with “Tosno”, his words had incorrectly interpreted, the responsibility to himself, he never took off, in football anything can happen, and meeting with management went well.

Massimo Carrera in recent times often deals with reporters, it can not but rejoice. Indeed, the impression most open club. Accumulated enough questions to the coach of “Spartacus” and in the eve of the match with “Anji” base door swung open once again. But not only for journalists. Together with the correspondents of the time was waiting for the young Italian, Andrea, as it turned out, perfectly speaking in Russian. Andrea has accredited personally Carrera in fact, to him as he arrived. The essence of their relationship with Massimo, the young man did not disclose, but reporters managed to talk to him about the Italian reality, starting salaries are not much higher than in Moscow, ending with the subtleties of the Italian language, as well as suburban trains, very similar in atmospheres with a southern European.

During the open part of the training, it became clear that “Spartak” full infirmary, there is now home to seven players, almost all of the core holder. The Novel Zobnina, Artem Timofeev and ze Luis added Denis Glushakov, George Tigiev, Quincy promes and Pedro Rocha. Training with the Foundation connected the two reservists: the Fashion of the Sakala and Silvanus Nimely.

Later, Carrera asked about the large number of injuries. The Italian clearly was preparing for the attack on their headquarters in particular, Giorgio D’urbano, and brought the sheets with comparative statistics for the two seasons which showed that in “Spartacus” injury – business as usual. D’urbano do with it, since last season have not worked, and physical training in General does Javier Salces, but he is not guilty.

Before journalists came Carrera, a press-the attache of club Leonid Trakhtenberg appealed to the fans. He recalled that the fans and the team one. Because of the incident with the fire in Maribor, during a match of the Champions League, “Spartak” was fined € 60,000 and shut down the guest bleachers in Seville, where “Spartak” will play the next away meeting in the framework of the European Cup. Trachtenberg asked the red-whites to be reasonable, as sanctions against the team are minimal, but only thanks to the leadership of “Spartacus”, but with repeated incidents to UEFA will not stand on ceremony.

Massimo felt was intense. Journalists should probably thank Leonid trachtenberg, rasedusega environment light humor. So, think they’re mutually liberated. Carrera said that, despite the departure of the Cup of Russia many of the favorites, does not expect an easy walk. Urged not to dismiss “the ruby” “Rostov”, and the rest of the team, who beat leaders notebook. Glad for Glushakov and Kombarov, congratulated the new contracts. Assured that solves the problem of “last minute” and “Liverpool” will be equal to the game – 11 of 11.

Of the players to communicate with journalists came Andrey Yeshchenko. Answered the question about criticism, they say, reacts adequately, is structurally and constantly makes conclusions, although he knows where we need to catch up and what needs to be corrected, in addition, there is the coaching staff. With rookie Marko Petkovic relations are good, the competition, rate the game Serb, he did not, advised journalists to appeal personally to the Petkovic. The match against “Anzhi” it is difficult to count the game against former club because of the partners is almost no one left. As noted by Trachtenberg: even Roberto Carlos and Samuel Eto’o.

The meeting was incredibly positive. And dusk on the way back it stripped the poster appeared the smiling face of Nikolai Starostin.

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