Cassini before his death, photographed a strange object in the rings of Saturn

NASA interplanetary probe “Cassini”, who studied the Solar system and Saturn for 20 years, collect and transmit data to Earth until the last moments before you die in the gas giant’s atmosphere. A lot of fuss about one of the last photographs of the spacecraft, published by NASA last week. Detailed study of the photo, astronomers said, the lens of the probe came a strange object.


The, referred to, is one of the last of the party sent to Earth photographs. And it is even more valuable because it depicts a curious object.

In the photo – the rings of Saturn, and between them you can distinguish the tiny object. Previously called him an unflattering word “space debris”. In fact, it may be more of the status object

So, according to the basic version, the camera lens got one of the young emerging of Saturn’s moons, Peggy, opened the British scientist Charles Murray in 2014.

As you know, Saturn has 62 natural satellites (those which are known to date), 24 of them — regular, 38 — regular. During its mission, Cassini discovered a new type of satellites of the gas planets. This is the fragments with a diameter of about 100 meters, rotating inside the planet’s rings. All such objects in orbit around Saturn, scientists estimate about 10 million.

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