“Exit polls showed a lead in the elections to the Bundestag Union CDU/CSU

The Union of CDU/CSU, according to exit polls, comes out on top in elections to the Bundestag, gaining 34% of the vote, according to the online portal of the German newspaper Bild.

According to her, in second place with 21% of votes Social democratic party of Germany (SPD), led by Martin Schultz – the main competitor to incumbent Chancellor Angela Merkel

It is noted that in third place with 13% of the right-populist party “Alternative for Germany” (“ADH”).

In fourth place – the party of the “Left” with 11%, following is the Free democratic party of Germany (FDP) at 9%, and completing the list of major parties “Green” with 8%. The rest of the party, according to polls, gaining 4%.

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