Grandson Pugacheva made her debut on the theatrical stage

Last week-end Alla Pugacheva visited the spectacle of their grandson Nikita Presnyakov. That night the camera lenses were aimed at her already at the entrance to the theater building, the metal detector. Presnyakov Jr. played the role of Chekhov’s now — the novice writer and the suffering of the young man.

Photo: instagram / lunatheatre

He participated in the musical, staged by the Metropolitan theatre, in Association with South Korean partners. Classic text combined with pop rock, French chanson, thoroughly modernized. But even the shoes didn’t ruin the Chekhovian atmosphere. Partner Nikita was Anastasia Stotskaya, who played his mother — actress Arkadina.

Alla Pugacheva in the evening appeared in a little black dress, coral cardigan, and tall boots. Looked great and was in high spirits. After the performance she looked backstage and congratulated the actors on the premiere.

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