“Hungary is concerned the Ukrainian law “On education” because of its Diaspora

– Minister of the Ministry of human resources of Hungary Zoltan Balogh asks for a personal meeting with the Minister of education and science of Ukraine Lilia Hrynevych to discuss previously adopted by the Verkhovna Rada of the law “On education”, reported Radio Liberty.

“Zoltan Balog, Minister of human resources of Hungary, which deals, inter alia, the issue of Hungarian education at the end of the week in an official letter to Lily Grinevich has requested a private meeting with the Minister of education and science of Ukraine due to the new law of Ukraine about education”, – stated in the message on the website of Radio Liberty on Sunday.

The information says that on September 25, Balog will take part in the opening of the academic year in Hungarian speaking Institute named after Ferenc rákóczi II in Beregovo in Transcarpathia, where also among the honored guests were invited and the Minister of education and science of Ukraine Lilya Hrynevych. In his letter, Balogh proposed to talk about the signing this week by speaker of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Andriy Paruby new law of Ukraine “On education”.

Monday, 25 September, in Transcarpathia with working visit is also planning to visit the speaker of the National Assembly of Hungary Laszlo Kever.

In a letter to Hungarian Minister says that this legislation and especially its language, the article on education of minorities has caused concern to several governments of neighbouring countries, including Hungarian.

According to Balogh, the meeting will give the partners the opportunity to discuss some concerns that have occurred to the Hungarian authorities on the new Ukrainian law. “Having received information of the Ukrainian side, the Hungarian Minister hopes to find what are the true reasons and purpose of adopting a new law on education in Ukraine”, – said in a letter to the Hungarian Minister.

The information stresses that official Budapest insists on the revision of the language article of the law on education in Ukraine, because, according to Hungarian authorities, he violates the rights of the 150-strong Hungarian minority in Transcarpathia.

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