“IFly flight from Tivat to Moscow are detained more than 30 hours

– IFly airline of Montenegro Tivat to Moscow are detained more than 30 hours, have informed “Interfax” one of the passengers.

“We expect the second day early in the morning of September 23 can’t fly from Montenegro. The delay affected almost 300 people have children. Airline comments and clarifications does not. In Embassy of Russia the call can not be”, – said the passenger named Gregory on Sunday evening.

According to the online scoreboard airport Vnukovo flight “i4 9446” from Tivat to Moscow, which was supposed to go on Saturday at 10:10 GMT, cancelled. Another flight, which was supposed to deliver passengers from Moscow on Sunday at 6:45 GMT, delayed to 22:58 GMT due to late arrival of the aircraft.

In the last days problems with the flights observed in the company “VIM-Avia”, the TFR began checking on the fact of delayed domestic and international flights.

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