Internal organs for astronauts will begin to grow directly into orbit

Start printing living human tissues is planned in the near future on the ISS together with Russian team of biologists. This is supposed to use a new magnetic 3D bio-printer.


As reported by “MK” in RSC “Energia”, the main goal of the experiment is the test of a new method for the production of three-dimensional tissue structures in microgravity. All existing to date bio-printers work on the principle of additive, i.e. layer-by-layer production. In space — in microgravity — possible more efficient printing of human organs with the help of a new bio-printer on the basis of the magnetic trap, and for this device, according to its creators, the essential weightlessness.

As previously reported by “MK” in the traditional layer-by-layer bio-printers to printing using so-called spheroids — biochemie created from stem cells. In the magnetic will also be used spheroids, but instead of layering them will collect in the tissue under the influence of a magnetic field. There is a theory that the magnetic bio-printer capable of working in zero gravity more accurately reproduce the course of the growing tissue, just as it does in vivo. Therefore, it decided to send into space. According to the plans of officials has to do it next year.

In addition to the correction of damaged organs astronauts new fabric will be useful for researchers who will be able with the help of the zero-gravity organelles (of tissues) to study ways of protecting astronauts from radiation.

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