Red scars on Saturn, photographed by Cassini, grow

The spacecraft “Cassini”, last week completed its 20-year mission to study the nearest of the cosmos, Saturn and its environment, during mission have collected such huge amounts of data that scientists have to fight over their treatment more than one year. For example, one of the pictures taken by Huygens already in 2011, but now pointed to the unusual mystery of one of the moons of the gas giant calzedonia.


NASA scientists found on the surface of Saturn’s moon Tethys red “scars” – a strange, uneven stripes of brown, partially encircling the heavenly body. Previously, the length of the scars is a few hundred kilometres, the width does not exceed several kilometers.

Generally, these mysterious origin of the band was first discovered it a few years ago. However, the processing subsequent pictures of the probe and staining allowed to draw an interesting conclusion: the brightness of the bands increases with time.

Earlier in the course of processing sent Cassini images, scientists are faced with another mystery, for another moon of Saturn, Peggy.

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“After 20 years of wandering the legendary Cassini burned up in the atmosphere of Saturn”


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