“RUSADA has to perform three points for his recovery

Among the conditions of recognition of the findings of the investigation of McLaren

A meeting of WADA in Colorado, Springshot: TASS/AP

– The Executive Committee of the world anti-doping Agency (WADA) confirmed that the Russian anti-doping Agency (RUSADA) has to perform three points to restore.

“The WADA noted that there are three elements that are critical to recovery: 1. The Russian authorities must accept the findings of the investigation by Professor Richard McLaren, 2. The Russian government must provide access to tests athletes to the laboratory in Moscow, which sealed for a Federal investigation. 3. WADA will audit RUSADA for the week of 25 September,” – said in a statement WADA published on the website on Sunday.

On 24 October, the Committee on compliance will hold a special meeting to consider the results of the audit of the VAD. The Committee will then make a recommendation to the Board of Directors of WADA in November on whether to restore RUSADA.

In a statement, WADA noted that RUSADA has never deviated from the implementation of the “road map” for recovery. The Committee expresses full support to the journalist, the sports Ministry and the Olympic Committee of Russia and the Independent public anti-doping Commission in their efforts to restore the Russian Agency.

“From November 2015, WADA and its partners have worked tirelessly to create a credible anti-doping program in Russia, which would ensure the protection of clean athletes inside and outside the country”, – said Director General of WADA, Olivier Niggli.

He noted that WADA “steadily achieve completion of the road map.

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