“The exit polls gave the ultra-right third place in the elections to the Bundestag

Angela Merkel and her CDU/CSU would have to form a coalition government – over-year unit of the Chancellor has lost almost 10% of supporters

Photo: Reuters

A far – right party “Alternative for Germany” (ADH) gaining 13.5% of the votes at the end in German parliamentary elections, according to data of exit polls for ARD.

Give the expected victory of the coalition of the bloc of the Christian democratic Union of Germany (CDU)/Christian social Union (CSU). Candidate for the post of Chancellor of this block is Angela Merkel, who will occupy the post for the fourth time.

Second place the party of the Social democratic party of Germany (SPD), headed by Martin Schulz, – 20%.

The Free democratic party of Germany (FDP) 10.5% of the vote. “Green”, according to first exit polls, a gain of 9.5%, a broad coalition of “left” – 9%.

“Alternative for Germany”, the first since 1960, the far-right party entered Parliament. Projected exit polls of 13.5% means about 89 seats. This party acts, including against mass migration and for a ban on wearing face-covering Muslim garment.

Analysts say that the result of the SPD is not just very bad, but the worst in the entire post-war history. The social Democrats have already declared that do not intend to form a coalition with supporters of Merkel and will go into opposition.

However, the future Chancellor, and they, as predicted, in Germany, Merkel will have to form a coalition government that would also be difficult, given not the most convincing victory of the CDU/CSU. In 2013, they scored 41.5 per cent.

According to experts, Merkel could join forces with the free Democrats (FDP) and Green.

The Bundestag is elected by a mixed system: there are 299 seats get candidates elected in single-member districts, the remaining 299 – according to party lists. To the number obtained by party-list seats match the dialed percent, additional seats: in the elections-2013 were selected only 630 MPs.

For passage in Parliament of the party must gain more than 5% of the vote.

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