“Til Schweiger spoke about his vote in the elections to the Bundestag

– Actor til Schweiger was voted for the Free democratic party (FDP) due to its position in relation to Russia.

“I voted for the FDP. I especially like what they say about the policy of d├ętente toward Russia,” said Schweiger in an interview with the newspaper Bild.

Earlier, the leader of the FDP, Christian Lindner, said that Europe should temporarily abandon attempts to achieve a solution to the question of the status of Crimea and to try to improve relations with Moscow.

“We have to find a way out of the impasse”, he said in an interview with the media group Funke, adding that the issue of Crimea should be treated as a “long-term interim situation, at least at the present time”.

Sunday in Germany have passed elections in the country’s Parliament – the Bundestag. According to the exit poll, commissioned by the “A-er-Te”, the CDU/CSU receives in the elections to the German Parliament is 32.9%, Social democratic party of Germany (SPD) was 20.6%, right populist “Alternative for Germany” (ADH) – 13%, the Free democratic party (FDP) – 10,6%, the “Left” – 9,1%, “Green” – 8.9% of the votes, the other is 4.9%.

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