Town swore on the participant “Voices”

The singer Alexander Gradsky shocked viewers of the program “the Voice”, allowing himself swearing directly into the set. The indignation of the singer called the performance a young man from Kaliningrad, which have not guessed with a choice of free composition.

photo: Lily Sharlovskoe

A young resident of Kaliningrad for performing on “the Voice” chose one of the hits of last summer – the song “Fog” by max Barskih. Song learned immediately. In the first verse of judges Pelageya, Dima Bilan and Leonid Agutin, in addition to town, carefully listened to the performance, a little puckered, but seemed the guy has a chance. Until came the chorus.

Hearing the hackneyed “Fog-mana”, the jury members laughed and began to portray, apparently, taxi drivers – the main fans of this song last season.

Speakers are allowed to finish, to introduce myself and even gave an attempt to sing something else. But the guy was already doomed.

“Why did you sing it? You actually like this?! – attacked his city, not allowing to answer the question. – Be honest: “I love this music, it’s the best thing in the world! Mozart your–***! Tchaikovsky – ***! “The Beatles” and pelage to listen to!” You love this?!”

The enterprise, by the way, not embarrassed. He politely put a replica, honestly, I don’t remember the lyrics of your favorite Beyonce (she not Pelagia, in the end all that by heart). And retired from the stage, wishing all success.

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