“Trump’s aides had asked him not to insult Kim Jong-UN at the UN General Assembly

The American President did not listen to the advice of the advisors, and the leader of the DPRK, in response, called him senile gangster

The US President Donald Truephoto: epa/vostock-photo

– Assistants of the President of the United States Donald trump advised him to refrain from offensive remarks against DPRK leader Kim Jong-UN in his speech at the UN General Assembly, reports The LA Times.

Advisers noted that a personal attack on North Korean leader at the UN could lead to further escalation of the situation around the DPRK’s nuclear program and to exclude even the theoretical possibility of a diplomatic solution.

In мире22 Sep 2017Ким Jong-UN has warned trump about the answer for a speech in Bonitate read more

Nevertheless Donald trump in his speech, once again called Kim Jong UN an “astronaut-suicide” (Rocket Man – letters. rocket man) and promised to completely destroy North Korea if necessary to protect U.S. allies. As noted by The LA Times, the draft of the speech, which on the eve of trump’s speech at the UN General Assembly was studied by the assistants of the us President, personally harsh statements in the address of the North Korean leader was not.

Some of trump’s aides, including national security Advisor Herbert McMaster, within a few months of trying to convince the President of the United States that personal attacks will only lead to escalation. However, says The LA Times, trump, who has long been known for the habit to speak disparagingly about the opposition, decided to allow offensive remarks against Kim Jong-UN in the international arena.

The publication quotes a psychological portrait of Kim Jong-UN, which was compiled by the CIA. According to him, the leader of North Korea has a great esteem and sensitive about insults or what he considers an insult.

Kim Jong UN really reacted strongly to the attacks trump, especially that made fun of him in front of 200 presidents, Prime Ministers and monarchs from all over the world. He said the American enemy an unusually harsh statement, calling him senile gangster, which need to be calmed down by force.

The foreign Minister of the DPRK Ri Yong Ho, in turn, promised to meet the new, the most powerful test of a hydrogen bomb.

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